ADSB announces move to elementary hybrid learning model: November 16th designated a JK-12 virtual learning @ home day

Algoma District School Board

The Algoma District School Board (ADSB) has advised elementary families that it is transitioning to a hybrid model of delivery, meaning face-to-face and virtual learners will co-exist in one classroom setting, with a “homeroom” classroom teacher.

As School Boards were asked by the Ministry of Education to have a transition date mid-fall (and spring) to allow parents an opportunity to switch their option of delivery, the November transition date seemed the perfect time to make the change. Director of Education, Lucia Reece, shared that “Since September, we have received ongoing requests from families to change their child’s mode of learning. Accommodating such requests has caused and would continue to cause, multiple changes such as change of teacher, change of classmates/cohort and changes of classroom. To establish stability, flexibility and fluidity, we are planning a transition mid-November that will prevent any further need to restructure classes this school year and will blend face-to-face learning and virtual learning.”

Information to elementary parents noted that having face-to-face and virtual learners assigned to one teacher, at one site, allows for the following benefits:

  • no further reorganizing of classes across the district
  • no cohort changes for students, thereby reducing the risk of Covid-19 transmission for both students and staff
  • students can seamlessly learn virtually and/or face-to-face if exhibiting symptoms or ill
  • virtual learners will be able to maintain connections with the school, with peers and with their home school teacher.

It is also important to note that secondary students will continue with a new “Quadmester” following this transition day and are not yet moving to a hybrid model at this time. The option will, however, be explored for second semester, starting in February.

To accommodate the move, all elementary and secondary schools are closed to students on Monday, November 16, 2020 for a transition day, however, students will have work assigned on Friday and will have an opportunity for a “check-in” with teachers during the day.

For further information, check the Board’s website at or call 705-945-7111.