Amid increase in COVID cases, still no mask order from Michigan legislators

Governor Whitmer

Though Republican legislators have been critical of Gov. Whitmer’s announcement Sunday enacting new coronavirus restrictions, it’s unclear when any of the legislature’s proposed alternatives will come to fruition.

Last week, with COVID-19 numbers escalating rapidly in nearly all regions of the state, lawmakers from Northern Michigan were still focusing on personal responsibility, or, at the very least, a decentralized approach giving counties more ability to set their own standards based on the severity of cases in their area.

In interviews last week, before Whitmer’s announcement, Cole and State Sen. Wayne Schmidt, encouraged citizens to take necessary precautions, especially including the proven measures of wearing a mask while in public, social distancing, and washing hands.

But, they fell short of calling for a stronger mask mandate, which Whitmer has urged legislators to enact, calling it the best weapon we have against our common enemy.

The Health Department of Northwest Michigan confirms that masking is the most effective preventative measure.