Another overdose: Weekend overdose devastates community

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There is an outpouring of condolences for a young mother who lost her life to an overdose this weekend.

Both a friend of the victim and members of an outreach group confirmed with Sault Online the young female was lost to overdose.

When contacted for confirmation from Sault Police, Lincoln Louttit confirmed an investigation is ongoing.

“We are currently assisting the Coroner’s Office in a sudden death investigation,’ said Louttit.

He was unable however to confirm it was an overdose.

“In any potential case where a potential overdose death occurs, we are unable to confirm until we receive a completed toxicology report. The timeline to receive this type of information is generally three months.”

“Even in those situations, we do not release information about overdose deaths unless there is a concern for public safety, meeting or exceeding Public Health benchmarks, or it is criminal in nature.”

Algoma Public Health has already confirmed this will be the worst year on record for overdose deaths in Algoma.


  1. it is unfortunate to see another person lose their life to a drug overdose but who is the one responsible?

    With all the drug information out there, it is the sole responsibility of the each person to make the right decisions

    When you know that meth, crack, heroin and fentanyl are the worst choices and you choose to use these drugs, it is hard to feel much of anything for these druggies.

    Most don’t want help because they would rather continue making bad choices and to hell with the consequences.

  2. Welcome, Dan, to Sault Ste Marie. I’ve got to hand it to you! Finally a journalist that is willing to tell it like it is. Its time our citizens realized how many we are losing to overdose each month. Thank you for informing the public.
    Donna DeSimon
    Addiction and Mental Health Advocates
    Sault Ste Marie ON

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