APH Releases Organized Sport Guidelines

Hockey Skates

Algoma Public Health is out with some COVID-19 related guidelines pertaining to organized sports.

APH recommends limiting sporting activities to regions in Stage 3 – which includes Algoma District – and to avoid non-essential travel outside of the region.

Leagues are urged to restrict play with teams or individuals currently in Stage 2 – Toronto, York Region, Peel Region and Ottawa.

With regions across Ontario having different local legislation in place preventing play, you are asked to check with Algoma Public Health for restrictions.

APH has released a checklist of best practices that can be found below.


  • Leagues must contain no more than a total of 50 participants. If participants in a league exceed 50, the league may divide into smaller groups of no more than 50 participants. At this time players are not permitted to play against players outside of their league or group.
  • Do not carpool. Only drive with your immediate family. All close contact should be avoided before, during and after the sport.
  • Pick your favourite sport. Avoid playing or coaching in multiple leagues.
  • Wear a face mask as much as possible leading up to participating in the activity/sport.
  • Wash your hands or use alcohol-based hand rub as much as possible.
  • Active self-monitoring is required for all sports players prior to arriving at the field or facility.
  • All spectators and players must stay home if they are sick or experiencing symptoms.
  • Travel for sport is highly discouraged – stay local.
  • For organized sports implement absenteeism/attendance policies. Designate a point person who is responsible for keeping an up-to-date attendance list with phone contact information, in case urgent public health notification is needed.


  • No physical contact. There cannot be any contact in any sports game or training session, physical distance must be maintained.
  • Do NOT share equipment.
  • Discourage social gatherings or congregating following the activity/sport.
  • Require that each participant consumes only their own water and refreshments.
  • Eliminate team huddles during the game/activity.
  • Spectators should stay physically distanced, wear masks, and avoid congregating or yelling.


  • Keep track of your contacts. In addition to your sports team recording all players at a game/practice, keep a journal of any people you come in contact with.
  • Wear a face mask as much as possible following the conclusion of the activity/sport.
  • Clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces as often as possible.
  • Practice physical distancing of at least 2 metres.
  • Abide by the provincial social gathering limits following the activity/sport.
  • Discourage the congregation of players and spectators following the conclusion of the activity/sport.
  • Eliminate end of game fist-bump/handshake routines.

Additional Requirements:

  • Requiring the use of masking for instructors/coaches.
  • Environmental cleaning and disinfection should be maintained (2x daily for high touch surfaces) but does NOT replace the importance of hand hygiene.
  • The operator must ensure that the building heating, venting and air conditioning (HVAC) system is maintained in line with the guidance for facilities with sports and recreational fitness activities during COVID-19.


  1. No real point in playing with these restrictions. Anyone that has played hockey for example knows that physical contact will happen at times even in non contact leagues. And no yelling from the spectators, wow. Ron

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