APH Reports COVID-19 Case 47

Photo credit: wbmd.com

Algoma Public Health is confirming the region’s 47th case of COVID-19.

This case is from international travel.

APH says the person was tested on November 4 and self-isolating.

APH says it notifies close contacts directly, and that if you are not contacted by them, you are not considered a close contact.

It goes on to say the case is evidence of ongoing community spread in Sault Ste Marie and the surrounding area.

Important Actions to Protect Yourself and Your Community:

  • Anyone who is ill, even with mild symptoms, must stay home and isolate away from others.
  • Do not have close contact with others outside the immediate household of people you live with. Outside of home, practice physical distancing at all times by staying 2 metres away from other people.
  • Limit non-essential trips outside of home and avoid non-essential travel to other regions of the province. This is part of new advice from Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health announced on October 9.
  • All returning international travellers must stay home for 14 days.
  • As of October 2, 2020, the mandatory masking policy was extended to all of Ontario for all indoor settings across the province, such as businesses, facilities and workplaces.


  1. Someone should be Policing and investigating Sault Ste Marie, ON City Bus Transit, I understand their are Riders not wearing a Mask of any form and allowed to ride!
    Why is this Allowed? With a Ontario Bylaw

  2. AGAIN, another International traveler Covid case. As I said before, other than truck drivers hauling goods across the borders, NOBODY should be crossing the border. If you go to school or work in the US, STAY there until either your educational year is done or until all restrictions imposed by the Provincial and Federal government have been lifted. Upon return to Canada, YOU MUST self isolate for 14 days, not with your family, but SELF. Also, anyone currently working or getting education abroad should have the Covid tracking app, it should be mandatory. In fact, everyone should be using it. Yes we all need to learn to live with Covid since it will likely be around forever, but in the meantime, we need to protect ourselves and others until we have an effective vaccine. When will people learn!

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