Incident Over – Barricaded Person taken into custody

Sault Police Bennett Blvd
Stock Photo of a Sault Police Vehicle.

SAULT STE. MARIE, ON – Emergency services remain on scene at a Boundary Road residence.

Between 3 and 4 a.m. police units blocked off the street from Bennett Blvd. to Heath Rd.

Sault Police Services made continuous efforts to speak with the individual inside by a public address system. He remains barricaded inside the residence as of the noon hour. 

The Mobile Command Unit as well as Sault Fire Services and Paramedics are staged in a parking lot nearby. Police are asking citizens to avoid the area, they believe there is no threat to public safety at this time.

At 6:00 p.m. the person was safely taken into custody. No charges have been laid.

Boundary Road is now open to traffic.

Stay with Sault Online for more updates as they become available.


    • Ahhh yes, because situations like this only happen in Sault Ste Marie. It’s odd how that works, no crime, no unstables, there’s not even any bad drivers anywhere then here. Why don’t you move? You’re the only one keeping you here.

  1. The person is in custody but no charges have been laid…..almost a 15 hour lock down for the home owners who live near this person where we were told to stay in our house. So what ever this person did will be back doing whatever he did. Wasting tax payers money for this why even bother being there.

    • Maybe it was a mentally unstable, who actually broke no laws. Really, if all they did was stay inside a house, the only law broke was no following orders to exit property. Let’s say it was a person going through deep seeded issues, charging said person for not complying to orders, will not help their situation.
      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not happy that our taxes are paying for the massive amount of overtime (good for them, I’m quite jealous of the O.T. to do nothing all day) but how else was that situation suppose to be handled? Let a unstable person, who may be armed, get out and hurt others? Sorry you couldn’t walk your dog, but if something happened to you because the police weren’t there, how would you react? You’d be going off about how cops weren’t there.
      There’s always two sides to a this case there’s a third from a self entitled person.

  2. No idea who this person is and don’t really care, but c’mon….Tie up most of our police service for two days, block off and inconvenience a large part of the east end, and NO CHARGES LAID ??? Somebodies arse should be in a sling for this… What was he using as a weapon, a slingshot??? A water pistol maybe?? At a minimum of $100000 per officer during this crap, plus equipment, somebody needs to pay….

  3. Yeah…how dare they not know ahead of time that this situation would take place today…at the same time that you NEEDED to take your dog out. How very inconsiderate 🙄🤦

  4. Residence who live near this place have to stay in their homes. Tried to bring dogs for a walk the oppisite way( our normal route) and a police officer drove up to us saying that they are not letting anyone out of their homes to go back. Wish they would have let us know before we took the dogs out at 8:30 this morning.

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