College Welcomes Back International Students

Sault College

SAULT STE. MARIE, ON – The provincial and federal governments have approved Sault College’s COVID-19 Readiness Plan that will allow the college to continue to welcome and receive eligible international students who are currently outside the country.

“We’re excited to be able to welcome back international students to the Sault with this approval,” Ron Common president of Sault College. “The health and safety of our students has always been our top priority, and our COVID-19 readiness plan reflects how we continue to support our students while keeping our communities safe. We appreciate the collaboration between our Ministry and specifically our Minister Ross Romano and the Canadian government. We have also been very appreciative of the support and guidance we have received from Algoma Public Health during the pandemic.”

Details of the plan have been shared with internal stakeholders as well as Algoma Public Health.

Rich Peters, Vice-President International explained that the newly approved Readiness Plan details how the “college will manage the mandatory supervised 14-day quarantine period for international students in accordance with the Quarantine Act. This will include pre-arrival education, training and planning, prearranged quarantine accommodations, transportation, food, medications and access to student supports. Students will be required by the Province of Ontario to undertake a COVID-19 Test and obtain a negative result prior to exiting quarantine’.

“We are confident that the safety of the community and the campus will be achieved with this plan and we are ready to meet the needs of our international students,” said Peters.

Additional details of our plans and overall COVID information may be found at


  1. Where is city council on this along with every other mouthpiece that had so much to say about Quattro having that retreat or whatever it was with a couple hundred people from other cities in Canada

  2. I think this is a big mistake. Watch our Covid cases spike! The same happened in other communities like London Ontario where when International students were allowed to attend their educational facilities, their Covid numbers spiked out of control and spread like wildfire. How are we supposed to have faith in our governments to keep us safe when they say we want to keep our borders closed to keep us safe yet when colleges and universities cry that they aren’t making money due to Covid, we allow International travellers to bypass these rules? Shame on colleges, universities and the government for for dismissing the safety of the communities they operate in the name of profits. Stop ALL international travel except for goods carrying truck drivers.

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