Dan Gray: 100 Stories in the Sault

Dan Gray

It has been 7 weeks and 100 stories since I joined the crew at Sault Online \ ONNtv and I want to thank you, the people of Sault Ste. Marie.

Whether it be a public announcement, accident or investigative piece. I have felt welcomed by this community since arriving in mid-September.

I have been tasked with being your voice and telling your stories and I strive to do that every day.

My first impression of Sault Ste. Marie putting the ongoing issues aside is it’s very much like an east-coast city displaced in northern Ontario.

Everyone is friendly, laid back and willing to share all their secrets about living in “the north”.

My girlfriend and I appreciate the front-stoop conversations, sidewalk stops and other times where we have been given advice about places to eat, things to see and general life tips for getting through life up here.

The areas we have been directed to over time have brought me a whole new sense of and appreciation of nature.

Trips to Robertson Lake, Chippewa River falls and Gros Cap have taken up time on weekends while we learn about our new surroundings.

I would be remiss if I didn’t also say thank-you to my family at Superior Media, since day one they have been nothing but supportive in letting me write and chase stories I have wanted to do.

I look forward to spending many years here and bringing you what you have asked for. Stories that matter and accountability.

Thanks again for the wonderful welcome to “the friendliest city in Algoma.”


  1. Check out Bathtub Island. You’ll need a local who knows where it is. Katherine’s Cove too. And Sand River. All up north.
    Please consider doing more positive stories. I know we have problems here. I’d like to see just as many positive stories as negative/investigative ones.

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