East end murder publication ban

Police East End Murder

A publication ban was put in place after a request was made by the duty counsel.

Kelly Weeks is the Algoma Crown Attorney, she wasn’t in the courtroom today but was able to share more information.

“My understanding is that it was imposed upon the request of duty counsel who was speaking for the accused person under Section 517 of the Criminal Code,” said Weeks.

“It’s not unusual in cases like this, to have a publication ban imposed, they’re often imposed to ensure the integrity of the process and to protect interest in the administration of justice, like the integrity of ongoing police investigations, and in protecting the investigation as a whole and then the prosecution.”

Weeks says these bans usually stay in place throughout the whole process.

The ban makes sharing anything from the court in relation to the name of the accused, victims or specifics of the case illegal for us to share.


  1. ‘In secrecy’ is how corrupt justice systems are able to operate around the world. I’m praying our system won’t re-victimize the family, but they have a proven track record of doing just that. Judging by the ban they imposed, it sounds like they’re looking for a bail hearing. Don’t see why they would need to hide this from the public, except for the obvious outrage that would follow.

  2. Considering this is reported as a domestic incident, it clearly means it was a family/close friend event. There is no danger to the greater community. May peace be with the person who was taken too early.

  3. If the accused is a bit crazy then perhaps one might want to know if they are living next door or in close proximity to the accused. Likely through FB some people know already, maybe?

  4. I could appreciate and respect a publication ban if doubt didn’t exist – we’ve seen too many occasions in the Soo where information was being controlled or contained in order to hide something or protect someone.
    If it was for the sake of decency and protecting the family members then there would have (or should have) been a publication ban on each homicide or violent crime.

  5. Sam, nothing, but that’s not the point.

    The point is that the public has a right to know the circumstances of a homicide, whether the suspect is out free on bail and who to extend condolences to (unless the family of the victim wants privacy).

    As an aside, stating the suspects name saves other people close to the situation from being the victim of rumours. They’re also effectively gagging the family of the victim.

  6. Privacy is for the victims family not for accused. I personally know 2 different men whose names were put online and they were innocent but it totaled their careers. Something like this everyone in town is talking about it already.

  7. They really need to do away with these bans. Unless the victim (or in this case the family of the victim) have concerns, the accused should have 0 right to privacy.

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