Goal smashed at Legion benefit

Martial Arts

A plan to raise money for the Legion by their Hap Ki Do Club more than doubled their original goal.

Approximately 20 members ranging from school age to seniors kicked their way in support of the Legion.

Working on different types of kicks they have learned through the club they each completed 1000 kicks.

Rudy Timmerman is the sports chair for the Legion and coach of the club. He says each year they do things to help the Legion as a thanks for letting them use the upstairs for free. They have swept the parking lot, painted lines and this year a kick-a-thon which raised $4300. It was also noted other clubs like Koong Joong Mui Sool helped out.

“This is the Legion Martial Arts Club that is doing the kicking and we just want to make sure this door stays open,” said Timmerman. “In our club, we just don’t do kicking and punching, we try to teach a lot of character traits too.”

Stacey Estabrooks and her son Jack have only been doing Ha Ki Do for about a month. They raised over $500 for the Legion. She explained they do not have anyone in their life that served but that didn’t matter to them.

“We just signed up for Hap Ki Do a month ago,” said Estabrooks. “We felt it really necessary to help out our local Legion to make sure the doors don’t close.”

The club was allowed to do the event because they are properly spaced and following all the APH guidelines. If you are interested in joining the club you can reach out to them on Facebook.