Loud Bang Wakes Up The Sault


Sault Online/ONNtv has received numerous reports throughout the city of a loud bang that happened shortly before 1 a.m.

The noise was heard as far east as Garden River and also north of the city.

Sault Online/ONNtv will bring you more information as it becomes available.


  1. The reason this happens, is because Slag, Iron, or Steel encapsulates moisture either on the surface, or in the sand. Once the encapsulating material has hardened, and as the water or moisture continues to create pressure or flash over to steam, the water expands 1600X, which rapidly ruptures that encapsulating material, AKA Big Boom, or Explosion. The orange color of the smoke or steam could be from the hot metal (Glowing Red/Orange Hot) and/or from the Iron in the slag, iron, or steal that is being dumped.

  2. Located in Midland, Ontario and I was looking online to see if anyone here knew what the loud bang was around 1am and found this. Wow! wonder what the hell it was given it was heard in the Sault and our area. Weird.

  3. It was unbelievable! I was in my garage & thought my home had blown up. Shook the entire floor of my garage. I opened the door expecting my home was gone, walked to the end of my driveway expecting to see someone’s home levelled by a gas explosion. Unreal that it was heard in Garden River as I am near the top of the Bruce Street hill. I do believe it could have been a slat dump at the Plant.

  4. At least we have 1 real news outlet reporting on things locally.
    “The Other One” seems to be the propaganda arm of the city politburo filled with, as Psychology Today calls it, ‘toxic positivity’.

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