Man Charged with Break and Enter

Sault Police Station

On November 10, 2020 officers with Patrol Services arrested 41-year-old Calvin Hawryluk for break and enter.

At 4:05 a.m. police were called regarding a break and enter to a business in the 0-100 block of Wallace Terrace. Upon arrival officers observed the accused walking away from a vehicle with the engine running. Officers observed a large quantity of wire piled inside the vehicle and the accused was arrested. Security staff of the business attended and confirmed the wire was their property. It is valued at approximately $3,500 – $5,000.

Further search of the accused and the area of arrest located break-in tools.

He is charged with break and enter, theft under $5,000, possession of property obtained by crime and possession of break-in tools. He is scheduled to appear in court on December 21, 2020.


  1. That is a very bad area of town and everybody from town knows that, there should be more patrols in that area.. Or maybe if they get rid of the dealers in that area, the break and enters and theifs will stop.. Stop giving them Naxolone to take them out of overdosing and they wont be doing all this crime to pay the dealers.. And with that said, if all first responder now have to carry to save people from their own choices, then they should also have to carry epi-pens to save someone’s life who wants to live… But no, people with allergies have to spend hundreds to live, but drug addicts spend thousands to kill them selves and ALL first responders carry the medicine to keep them alive!! JUST my 2 cents, and I wanted to say it because I’m always reading these stories and they just make me mad!!!

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