Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency Becomes Founding Member of the Cannabis Regulators Association

Cannabis Worker

The Cannabis Regulators Association (CANNRA), a non-partisan organization, announced its formation to better share institutional knowledge and regulatory best practices.

Regulators from 19 states, including Michigan, will assist federal, state, and local jurisdictions that have either approved or are in the process of legalizing cannabis.

Norman Birenbaum, CANNRA’s inaugural president said “The Cannabis Regulators Association will provide a much-needed forum for regulators to engage with each other to identify and develop best practices, create model policies that safeguard public health and safety, and promote regulatory certainty for industry participants.” 

CANNRA is not an advocacy group and takes no formal position for or against cannabis legalization, but rather seeks to provide government jurisdictions with unbiased information to help make informed decisions when considering whether or how to legalize or expand regulated cannabis. 

CANNRA will facilitate communication and information sharing between subject matter experts in regulatory approaches for industrial hemp, medical cannabis, and adult-use cannabis.

This will include exchanges with research organizations, public health officials, policy-makers, legal authorities, advocacy groups, and cannabis industry participants.

The Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) Executive Director, Andrew Brisbo has “always strived to keep Michigan aligned with the best practices and at the forefront of innovative policy in this new industry.”

As a founding member of the association, Brisbo is striving to establish Michigan as the national model for a regulatory program that stimulates business growth while preserving safe consumer access to marijuana.

CANNRA’s mandate is to have CANNRA serve as a resource for policy-makers, elected officials, researchers, and other stakeholders to engage with regulators from across the country.

For more information about the Cannabis Regulators Association or to inquire about membership please visit www.Cann-RA.org or email [email protected].


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