One Billion raised for Parkinson’s research

Michael J Fox

World-renowned philanthropist, actor and Canadian Michael J. Fox raised $1 Billion for Parkinson’s research. The disease he suffers from.

He revealed this during an interview with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show.

“Yeah in 20 years practically a billion dollars to research, it’s been amazing,” said Fox. “It’s a credit to all the patients and their families and the researchers and our staff.”

According to Mayo Clinic, Parkinson’s is a disorder of the central nervous system that affects movement, often including tremors.

Nerve cell damage in the brain causes dopamine levels to drop, leading to the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

Parkinson’s often starts with a tremor in one hand. Other symptoms are slow movement, stiffness, and loss of balance.

Medications have been proven to help Parkinson’s but there is no cure.

“We just want to get it done, I mean 20 years is great we’ve put that much time in and we’ve done, but we want to go out of business,” said Fox.

If you want to donate to the foundation it can be found at