One More New Case of COVID-19 In Algoma


SAULT STE. MARIE, ON – Algoma Public Health is reporting yet another case of COVID-19, bringing the local total to 57.

The case subject acquired the virus through close contact with an infected person and is now self-isolating.

APH notifies all close contacts. If they don’t reach out to you personally, you are not considered to be at risk.

APH continues to remind residents to observe social distancing, wear a mask in public and limit contact with those outside of your immediate household.


  1. Thanks to the person who went to the US and attended one of the Soo Michigan establishments that was reported as a source of Covid, and brought Covid back with them, we now find ourselves getting close to having more restrictions imposed because of their stupidity. This person should be fined for Failing To Comply and Follow Self Isolation requirements imposed by local, Provincial and Federal governments. And on top of this, be fined for “Endangering public health” for each consecutive case resulting from close contact originating from them. And if they lied about their intentions when crossing the border, they should be fined with “providing false information” and “lying to a Government official” and have their border crossing privileges stripped. If you have dual citizenship, pick a side. If you live in Canada then you are considered Canadian and vice versa. Again, if you work in the US, you should live there, same if you go to school in the US. Close the border to all except truck drivers hauling goods. If you want the border open so you can go into the US, consider moving there so the rest of us aren’t put at risk because of your selflessness.

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    • Too bad Doug Ford or our mayor won’t do the right thing! Individually, we can though. To all those anti-maskers out there…maybe you don’t care if you get sick but you may have covid and be asymptomatic. You could be responsible for others getting ill from covid or worse!


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