Protection letter on Mayor Provenzano’s to do list

International Bridge SSM

SAULT STE. MARIE, ON – Council unanimously asked Mayor Provenzano to write a letter to the federal government last night asking for border restriction changes.

The letter would be directed at MP Terry Sheehan, Minister of Border Security and organized crime, Bill Blair and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The request in the letter is to restrict all but the most necessary travel between the two countries. Basically down to the most important truckers and health care staff. Councillor Gardi explains why he put this motion in front of council.

“We have a COVID-19 outbreak, a serious one on our doorstep. We’re kilometre or two away in Sault Ste Marie, Michigan and the surrounding Chippewa County,” said Gardi.

He continued “I am hopeful with the support of this council and a very well communicated letter from you that, that Mr. Trudeau, and Mr. Blair, and their colleagues around the cabinet table would give some very serious consideration to pausing nothing but the most critical travel over our border at the International bridge.”

Mayor Provenzano explained a little further what they are thinking when it comes to they type of person they are hoping may be restricted. He referenced a student going to Lake State as an example. They come back and they must quarantine but the people around them do not.

“What really what type of quarantine is that? Sure, the student isn’t about the community, but their whole family would be exposed to the same level to the rest of the student brings, potentially brings back from the US,” said Provenzano.

“If they’re going to continue with their current policy and allow people to travel as they are across the border, I believe that puts our community as a border city at a greater risk than other communities.”

He will be asking in the letter if this turns out to be the case for extra funding for more contact tracing etc. like they do in Toronto and bigger cities.

The motion passed unanimously.


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