Remember Nov. 11 through veteran’s eyes – Original Poetry

Remembrance Day

I wrote this poem many years ago after reaching out and talking to a World War 2 veteran about what he feels and sees on Remembrance Day.

I bring you a poem I wrote. I hope you enjoy.

I travel to the cenotaph; each year it gets harder to do
fewer of my comrades come as fewer are able too.
15 funerals this past year our numbers are coming down
soon I fear I will be one of the few still around.

Not one vet left from World War 1, I’m one war past those days,
I flew a Lancaster bomber on night bombing raids.
The horrors play back plain as day, in my mind’s eye
I know that I will relive it every night until the day I say good-bye

The bugle plays that familiar tune I’ve come to know so well
the notes are like daggers – my heart pains for those who fell.
My friends, my comrades, the ones that didn’t make it back
lost to enemy fire, mechanical failure, and the ever devastating flak.

The song is so familiar, the speeches and roster read
the wreaths laid in Remembrance of all those now long dead.
The day it passes slowly as the memories and stories are told
between who fought then, even though we are getting old.

I go home sit and think as this November 11 has now passed.
if this might be the final trip I make; if it’s my last.
I will fall asleep tonight knowing if that should be gods plan
I did my part to keep them free, my friends, my family, my homeland.

Written By: Dan Gray, November 1, 2010.

Lest We Forget