Reserve weekend: Public notice by regiment

Operation PALACI
Gunner Levi Stoltzfus from 10th Field Artillery Regiment, RCA applies a bearing on the sight of a 105-mm C3 Howitzer gun during Operation PALACI at Rogers Pass, British Columbia on 22 November 2019. Photo: MCpl PJ Létourneau, Canadian Forces Combat Camera IS06-2019-0034-002 ~ L’artilleur Levi Stoltzfus, membre du 10e Régiment d’artillerie de campagne (RAC), prend un relèvement avec le viseur d’un obusier C3 Howitzer de 105 mm au cours de l’opération PALACI à Rogers Pass, en Colombie Britannique, le 22 novembre 2019. Photo : Cplc PJ Létourneau, Caméra de combat des Forces canadiennes IS06-2019-0034-002

The Sault Ste. Marie Reserve unit, the 49th Field Regiment will be conducting an exercise this weekend.

They want the public to know there will be soldiers and equipment moving around the city on public property on the 7th and 8th.

They will be on all of the major arteries in the city during that time frame.

They will be carrying unloaded service rifles and deploying 105mm howitzer guns.

Motorists are asked to be cautious as the unit will be travelling in groups.

The regiment wants to make sure the people understand they are NOT carrying live rounds.