SAH to council, weekend overdose and a petition


SAULT STE. MARIE, ON – A petition has been started after the most recent overdose death and the Mayor is asking Sault Area Hospital for an update.

It appears our story last week was noticed in the upper rooms of city hall.

Sault Area Hospital has been moved to the front of the agenda for tonight’s council meeting. They are updating the council on a 2018 resolution of support. The below steps are what is planned for the upcoming fiscal year.

  • Addiction Service Worker & Registered Nurse Supported Withdrawal Management & Mental Health & Justice Safe Beds
  • 4 Medical WMS beds (Acute Medicine & ICU)
  • Appropriate permanent community-based location
  • Increase from 5 to 8 Acute Admission beds
  • Right-size from 11 to 10 Post-acute beds (including 6 Mental Health & Justice Safe Beds)
  • 2 Alternative Level of Care – low sensory beds (new)

The plan does not seem to include a level three addiction centre or safe injection site. Both of which community members and people working directly with those with addictions say are desperately needed.

A petition started over the weekend by Brianna McLarty on hopes to get the mayor’s attention. She claims he is turning a blind eye and wants more police, a rehab centre and a change to the catch and release laws.

“If this is something that can possibly help bring this to his attention showing that there is in fact a problem and he is in fact blind. Then it could maybe be the slightest hope for change,” said McLarty in her petition.

“Mr. Mayor please do something about this. YOUR people are afraid to walk downtown, YOUR people are afraid to leave their houses at night, you can’t even leave your door unlocked without someone randomly walking into your house that you don’t know,” she continued.

“YOUR people are being robbed constantly. YOUR people have to watch their step because of the needles everywhere! It’s time to step up, even take a stroll downtown at night and see!”

Jon McAlpine, a Sudbury resident, helped a young man in trouble yesterday in our city. He said the individual required 8 Narcan and CPR to bring him back from an overdose.

“I was told by the young man we have a new form of fentanyl in town and it’s pure white. Looks like cocaine,” said McAlpine. “I believe its carfentanil. 8 shots of Narcan barely saved him. I drove him home and had a talk of support with him.”

If you see someone you believe is suffering from an overdose please call 911. If you are struggling with addiction please reach out to Algoma Public Health, Sault Area Hospital or one of the organizations in the city that can help you.


  1. Is detox still up at the hospital? Is the Queen street detox no longer? I dropped a relative at SAH for detox, and he was told he could only stay a max of 3 days and you could not smoke, or even leave to smoke, so he declined and left. Three days is not long enough for someone wanting help!!!! I don’t know too many addicts that can go through the hell of detox without being allowed to smoke. People that want help are being discouraged from seeking it. that is sad.

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