Sault City Commission Wrap Up – November 16 2020

Sault Ste Marie Michigan City Hall

SAULT STE MARIE, Mich. – The City Commission met last night. Commissioner Baker and Talentino were unable to make the meeting.

Before the council started Mayor Don Gerry thanked those involved in fighting COVID-19. He thanked the media for keeping people informed on the pandemic.

“This is not political, lets keep things safe Sault Ste. Marie,” said Mayor Gerry.

During the consent agenda, the commission reappointed Abby Bell, Jeff Basista, Tony Haller, and Sharmay Wood back to their positions on the Community Service Board.

A new donation policy was approved.

The city is receiving over $12,900 for Emergency Coronovirus Supplemental Funding. It is coming from the state in order to help with some of the expenses for the police department.

U.P. Engineers and Architects, Inc. were awarded the contract to do the engineering services for the George Kemp Downtown Marina project.

The budget reviewed up to September 30, 2020.

The report pointed out that as of September tax collections are at 91% which is reasonable considering summer taxes are due mid-September and delinquent property taxes are sold to the County in March.

The city has settled tax Meijer and Walmart and it will be costing more than expected and is explained to the commission in the report.

The refunds from the 2018 and 2019 tax years paid to Meijer are recorded in the line item titled Taxes Refunded.

Prior tax year refunds were originally budgeted at $61,000 and we have incurred charges of $121,644 so I would request an additional $60,700 to support this expenditure as it stands, and will bring any additional refunds, if they occur, to the attention of the Commission as estimates become available.

Other notes from the report:

  • Revenues from State and Federal sources are lagging which is normal for this time of the fiscal year.
  • Ambulance service is one of the larger charges for service line items and is running slightly behind target at 20%, with offsetting writeoffs higher at around 23%.
  • The Police Department is running on target at 22% of the budget with most line items being reasonable for this time of year.
  • Most line items in the Fire and Ambulance Departments are sufficient and the September 30 expenditures are at 23% and 21% of budget respectively.

The rest of the discussed issues and the meeting minutes can be found here.

The next regularly scheduled commission meeting is November 30, 2020 at 7 p.m.