Strip Club to Bus Terminal: Who knew?

Mayor Provenzano and City Hall

SAULT STE. MARIE, ON – The property at 89 Hudson Street ended up on an environmental assessment for the city.

Support for the purchase of the strip club property was given publicly on September 14, 2020. During the same meeting support for an Environmental Assessment using Tulloch Engineering Inc. to investigate moving the Bus Station was also approved. However, the EA was to only cover 111 Huron Street.

The full motion can be seen at the bottom but page 1 is below showing what is stated.

A Notice of Study Commencement was sent out to people in the area of this assessment which is the standard operating procedure. SaultOnline obtained a copy and found an interesting addition.

The EA that was approved by the council for Huron Street now has Hudson Street attached to it. There appears to have been no public discussion with council about this addition. This was not one of the foreseen future uses in the September 14, 2020 discussions.

During the September 14 discussion, it was mentioned this property had the potential to be part of Jamestown. The Jamestown plan which was passed doesn’t use this property.

Does the city have an actual plan for this property?

Why all the secrecy?

Stay with SaultOnline as we continue to research the purchase of the former Studio 10 property.


  1. Ha Bob Woodward seems to be a left wing old Trump hater. He is one of the millions. Not sure about Dan but he does a great job of bringing city affairs, good or bad, to the attention of Sault Ste Marie taxpayers. Good work young man. Ron.

  2. Why put it there? I wouldn’t! Stop trying to justify your poor choice to buy that property by making more bad choices. Two dumb ideas don’t make a good one.

  3. Well they have a worthless property that they overpaid for… Not a very centralized spot for a terminal… and probably not the safest place to wait for a transfer after dark… but at this point they may as well double down…

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