Taj Indian Cuisine – Global food at our doorstep

Taj Indian Cuisine
Artist rendering of Taj Indian Cuisine

SAULT STE. MARIE, ON – A flavourful experience meets you when you choose to try the new Taj Indian Cuisine restaurant opening today.

At the corner of Great Northern Road and Second Line where Presto’s was located. There is now an international food option for locals.

Do not let the reputation of Indian food scare you away from trying this place. All the food my girlfriend and I tried was requested at a mild-medium level of spice and was deliciously delivered.

Our evening started with a variety of appetizers. A Fish Pakora was presented and if you did not know it was fish you would not be able to tell. The spices blended in a way to give it a very authentic taste with no spiciness at all.

Samosas were then served, mildly spiced potatoes with other vegetables wrapped in a flaky pastry and a hot piping dish of chicken which would have made anyone think it was the main course.

A break between appetizers and the main course let me take in the atmosphere. Authentic copper plates and glasses with decorations all around the spacious dining area gave it a very modern take on traditional decor.

Das Kumar is the owner of the restaurant and took the time to sit with me during the meal and explain a little bit more about the place. He is very excited to bring his homeland to his new home here in Sault Ste. Marie.

“The food is going to be authentic all ingredients came from all over the world,” said Kumar. “The chef has over 20 years experience. He was in New York, he was in Shanghai, he was in Dubai, he was on cruise ships.”

A Plain Dosa was served next, a pallet cleansing crepe served with three different sauces. One tomato-based, one coconut-based and a third one almost like a vegetable stew base.

The chef special was a savoury trip around India with a rice dish that had a very allspice type taste. Chicken Masala a rich tandoori chicken in a tomato sauce. A potato dish with a diverse flavour of a mixture of vegetables cooked Chettinad style ended the main foods for the evening.

Jalebi was the dessert they chose to give us. A sweet deep-fried batter soaked in sugar was a wonderful way to end my first experience at an Indian restaurant.

I would go back to Taj at any time. It’s the same food you would find here in northern Ontario, Chickens, fish, rice, beef etc. with a very global flair.

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