US Election – As It Happens


The US election results are on their way in. Sault Online is going to be bringing ongoing coverage of the results throughout the evening.


Currently, with 50% votes in, Ohio is currently trending towards Democratic. According to analysts if Ohio goes to Biden the chance for Trump re-election is almost blocked. No Republican has been elected president without winning Ohio.

Trump is currently leading in Florida and Georgia.


The Associated Press has the race to 270 electoral votes Biden 119 and Trump 92. Ohio and North Carolina are currently trending Democratic while Michigan is currently Republican although early.


Ohio has now gone Red, Michigan is still Red, PA is Red, NC is still blue. Florida is Red.


Arizona early for Biden, rest are still staying the same.


192-114 for Biden in the race to 270 according to some analysts. Arizona is still blue everything else is relatively the same. PA is being projected as not knowing until possibly tomorrow at some point.


No one has called anything either way for a while. The states which have fallen one way or the other were just about predictable. Early leads for Biden in Ohio, Texas have disappeared. Trump appears to have taken Florida. Biden may pick-up Arizona.


Biden to make a statement soon. No one thinks this will get decided tonight.


Still waiting on Biden’s statement. Nothing from the Trump camp at this point.


Points from Biden Statement –  “Keep the faith guys, we’re going to win this. Thank-you, your patience is great.”
“It ain’t over until every ballot is counted. We are confident about Arizona and we are calling it for Minnesota. Feeling real good about Wisconsin and Michigan. We are going to win Pennsylvania.”
“Your patience is commendable. We feel good about where we are. We believe we are on track to win this election.”
Trump to speak in an hour or so, Sault Online will update in the morning.