Why does APH allow some big events: Questions about event capacity during COVID-19

Algoma Public Health

Algoma Public Health is providing some clarification with regard to public events and crowd sizes during COVID-19.

Provincial guidelines currently allow up to 10 people for private indoor gatherings and 25 for outdoor gatherings.

However, some questions have come up about some upcoming indoor events allowing well beyond the 10-person limit for private gatherings.

The Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre is hosting a series of weekend events showcasing local vendors.

Promotional material shows a maximum capacity of 150 people at a time, while also outlining COVID-19 related safety protocols to be observed, including social distancing and contact tracing.

Kristy Harper, Program Manager Community Wellness at APH, says the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre is subject to different capacity limits and requirements. She compares the centre to grocery and hardware stores where capacity is considerably higher, which allows for social distancing despite crowd sizes.

Harper adds APH receives calls for guidance from multiple organizations and businesses, and they are referred to provincial guidelines and documents – and it’s up to the organization to ensure they’re following regulations.


    • From what I learned recently, is that the Nerdcon group didn’t have definitive plans for controlling crowds and doing social distancing. It’s like when any group requests ‘permission’ to do something. The better the plan that the organizers present the better the outcome. Now, I’m not affiliated with Nerdcon but I heard this comment from different people more than 5 times so I give it some validity. Then again when it’s a volunteer based group it’s difficult to know what can/should be done to gain approval. Business owners, especially ones who are familiar with dealing with governments/regulations have an advantage. APH could have worked with Nerdcon and any other events to get the proper rules in place instead of just saying “NO”.

  1. The other site has also taken to trying to get 10 bucks out of viewers…maybe they have financial problems? Taking away the comment section for readers was their downfall. I appreciate that this site acknowledges that reader input is interesting AND useful. Keep up the good local work.

  2. I see the other site got to post this article as well. Keep up the good work Saultonline. While the other site focuses on expansion and press releases, they are forgetting where they came from and it’s showing. It doesn’t feel local anymore. You guys are actually focusing on local and it will pay off in the end.

    • The ‘other site’ has turned into the propaganda arm of the city.
      One of the former editors told me that a few “key players and influencers” in high positions of the city sometimes pressured the owners of that site to withdraw or heavily redact certain articles because they didn’t paint a good picture of the Soo.

  3. Hmmm a couple weeks ago Quattro (I won’t get started on my thoughts about those guys) hosts a large religious gathering full of travelers which was approved by APH. Fast forward and we suddenly see a spike in covid cases.
    This recent spike I feel is the direct fault of poor management and decision making by APH.
    They consistently seem to play favourites, and I’m fed up with local cronyism.

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