Opinion – A Christmas Truce


“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

The quote from famed writer and philosopher George Santayana came to mind this morning on my way into work and this opinion article bloomed from there.

In 1914 during World War 1 a Christmas Truce broke out between British and German soldiers on and around Christmas Day according to historians.

It was an unofficial ceasefire brokered by the two sides. Fighting stopped completely in many places along the front, the most famous may be Belleau Wood if which Garth Brooks sang a song.

When those soldiers left for war in early 1914 they were all promised they would be home for Christmas. History teaches us that didn’t happen and for the next 4 years they fought and died until November 11, 1918.

So why am I bringing this up, why today, why now?

Today there is much hate in the world.

Conservatives vs. Liberals, Black vs. White, masks vs. no mask and the list goes on and on. Travel restrictions, lockdowns, pro and anti police we are a world at war, not just with a virus but with each other.

A daily scroll on any social media platform as I am required to do as a journalist makes this abundantly clear. It should be that clear to almost anyone.

Christmas has traditionally been a time to take a moment and pause, be thankful for the gifts you have, family, friends, loved ones. Unfortunately, this year it’s going to be harder to do and the recommendations are we do it remotely without gathering in big groups.

What they are really asking is we come together as a nation and work together to fight a common enemy. Whether you believe in it or not, support it or don’t. Think it’s right or it’s wrong it’s what they are asking.

I have three friends who have now been affected by this virus. They are still fighting it and don’t think they will ever be the same.

I cover people who work everyday on the front lines. They have seen what this has done to people including co-workers and loved ones.

I cover people who believe it is all a hoax for government control and refuse to take precautions.

What I see most though is a nation fighting with itself, dividing itself and making it harder to stand up for anything at all.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand,” – Abraham Lincoln.

I know for the next few days I will be taking time to appreciate what I have, although I’m still on call for any issues you may see or hear about, I will be slowing down for just a few days.

I implore my readers to do the same.

“But for just one fleeting moment, the answer seemed so clear, heaven’s not beyond the clouds it’s for us to find down here.”

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and here is to taking a few days to just be.


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