APH knew of out of town visit

APH. 50 years on.

Algoma Public Health in a statement to SaultOnline.com admits they knew about the visit but couldn’t do anything to prevent it.

Our story last night identified a team from Manitoba, the North Star Preparatory Institute, who came to Sault Ste. Marie earlier this month to play basketball.

The statement from Dr. Marlene Spruyt, Medical Officer of Health at the Algoma Public Health can be seen in full at the bottom of the story. It says in part.

“APH did conduct a risk assessment and consultation with the local organizers in late November and the event did not contravene any provincial regulations at the time. Public health guidance was provided.”

A source close to the situation identified the Steel City Slam as being the team in which North Star played.

It was also apparently held at the old Tech Building which is now called the Sault Activities Centre on Wellington Street.

The full statement from Spuryt is found here.

“Algoma Public Health receives many calls and provides guidance in multiple areas with many organizations. Organizations and businesses are referred to the provincial regulations, ministry guidance documents and provided with public health advice to inform and modify their activities and services.

Algoma Public Health cannot prevent a premise or event from operating if they are in compliance with regulations and recommendations set by the province. It does not mean we support or endorse specific gatherings or events. Algoma Public Health conducts a risk assessment based on the activities involved.

APH did conduct a risk assessment and consultation with the local organizers in late November and the event did not contravene any provincial regulations at the time. Public health guidance was provided.

The provincewide shutdown that came into effect December 26, 2020 supersedes all previous provincial guidance. This means that this or similar events would not be permitted to occur at this point in time due to the strict regulations in place during the provincewide shutdown.”

Saultonline.com has reached out to all the local players in this ongoing investigation and will bring you more on this story as it becomes available.


  1. The mayor told people not to come home for Christmas to be with their families (or aging parents) but a bunch of people from a RED ZONE could come to practice basketball?! I’m furious and disgusted!

  2. So my post got deleted… Guess Jeff has more friends on city council than I thought. It still sucks and shows his absolute disregard of the rules that APH wants to apply to the rest of us…Way to go, Sault on line… Used to like you guys, not so much anymore…

    • Almost every one of my comments has been deleted and none were inappropriate, guess only Jim has the right not to be moderated on these posts… wonder if it’s the Jim that’s Jeff’s business partner as he seems to know a lot and be very supportive of the other narrative… disappointing

      • No rules broken. No laws broken. No virus spread. No sneaking around since the APH was contacted. No issue.
        How people like you don’t get this shows you have no logical reasoning ability.
        Have a happy New Year.

        • Hi Jim I’m quite logical, as are most of the people posting on this. The fact anyone would even for a second support the fact this team came from a red zone out of province into a community in a green zone and putting us at risk shows no logical reasoning… regardless sports is clearly more important to the safety and well-being of our community so I hope all that participated enjoyed their time here as clearly they have no care about the potential implications or conveniences this could have caused as not one single person involved has been even remotely apologetic for this lapse of judgement, at least the finance minister recognized his actions were stupid, clearly the high horse the people involved in this incident are on will continue to preclude them from accepting their mistake and owning it.

    • May not of broke any laws but it was certainly negligent given that for MONTHS every government in the world has be begging people not to travel unless essential… and basketball teams circumventing the system by going to a green zone in another province is not essential! So while not illegal it’s negligible, irresponsible and quite unacceptable especially the secrecy behind it…

        • What public health confirmed was the event did not break any laws, that does not mean it wasn’t negligible. And based on additional information about the group staying at the Windsor Park, there quite possibly could have been gatherings greater than 10 inside which were outside of the family unit, which actually could have been a violation of the Reopening Act. And to say “no one got sick” how do we know that, as we aren’t past the 14 day incubation period if any of the players did indeed bring COVID to us. And to say they had negative COVID tests before they came means nothing either… look at the first cruise to depart, they were ALL tested 3 days prior to boarding, and in the terminal before boarding and all were negative, yet the ship had to turn around because of an outbreak. We need to stop trying to rationalize how this in any way was acceptable. what part of STAY home don’t people understand, and sorry but a group coming from out of province from a “red zone” is circumventing the system no matter how you look at it.

        • Jim, what kind of idiot are you, really??? Totally against all the rules in process and you think it’s OK ?? I would guess you are an anti-masker Too ??

  3. Done with the ######## of playing favourites. Keep going Dan Gray, I myself stand behind you 100% for always getting to the bottom of each of your stories!

  4. Problem is he cannot be fired from something he owns. Was this a severe lapse in judgement, BEYOND, and as an educator in a leadership role who is likely involved in the COVID protocols in the school board, coach and professional in the field he should have aught to have known better, but lets be real no one is following recommended guidelines, and the guidelines are very vague when it comes to sports. There are pictures floating around social media of the benches during men’s league hockey and its pretty clear that sports are “exempt” from safety guidelines. You have to wear a mask to go into a store, but you can sit immediately beside another athlete while breathing heavily and bodily fluids being sprayed around, and then go to work the next morning no problem, so we cant just hold Jeff to blame on this even though as someone in his position should have used more common sense, its pretty clear our government feels that sports are safe (but shopping at wal-mart isn’t)… until they get this right, or get enough people vaccinated it will just continue to be an issue.

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