Automatic Adjournment of Court Dates Ended

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Since March 16, 2020 criminal case management court matters for accused individuals who are not in custody have been automatically adjourned to another court date. This process was put in place by the Ontario Court of Justice (OCJ), using a bench warrant with discretion for the accused individuals who were absent from the initial court date.

The automatic adjournment of court dates has ended.

As of November 30, 2020, accused people are required to attend their scheduled criminal case management court appearance, by having counsel appear on their behalf or by appearing via audio or video.

If you do not attend a scheduled criminal case management appearance on or after Monday November 30, 2020, the Court may:

  • issue a bench summons requiring you to attend court on a specified date; or
  • issue a warrant for your arrest, if the presiding judicial officer has reasonable and probable grounds to believe it is necessary in the public interest to do so.

If you have a lawyer, please contact your lawyer before your scheduled court date.

If you do not know when that appearance is you are urged to contact: The Criminal Court Office at 705-945-8000 ext. 565 or the Algoma Crown Attorney’s Office at 705-945-8001.

Your lawyer, the Criminal Court Office and/or the Algoma Crown Attorney’s Office will provide you with the details you need to attend your scheduled court date via video or phone.

For Youth Matters details please call the Court Office at 705-945-8000 ext. 565

Please note, if you have missed the date you were to attend for fingerprints (between March 2020 and now), you can attend at the Courthouse at 426 Queen Street East, front entrance during regular business hours. Officers will arrange for you to have your fingerprints taken and you will not be charged with fail to appear for fingerprints.

However, from this point forward, if you fail to attend for fingerprints, an additional criminal charge of fail to appear for fingerprints may be laid and a summons or bench warrant may be issued for you.