Baawating Indigenous Hub Development For Gateway Site – Not Proceeding


A $40 million development planned for the former Gateway Site won’t be happening.

City Council will hear Monday that the Baawating Urban Indigenous Hub and Housing Development Proposal would not proceed.

“Miigwetch for your support on this concept and to City staff for supporting our team throughout this process. Our team has reached consensus that the Gateway Site is not the site for our development.” said a letter to council and the Mayor from Justin Marchand Executive Director for Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services.

The proposal called for a mixed use of housing and a cultural centre, creating an “Indigenous  Hub”.  The proposal included a multi-residential and commercial development for the city’s 13-acre waterfront Gateway site, complete with green space and cultural space.  The residential aspect would have been an 8 story building near the  new home for the Mill Market.

Originally the organization had hoped for shovels in the ground for Spring 2021.




  1. What is it with this Gateway site? Every time it seems a project gets the go ahead, the plug gets pulled on it. I was looking forward to actually seeing some develop there.

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