Breaking the frustration between Queen’s Park and northern Ontario

Northern Ontario

We the North!

A very real and extremely long-standing frustration exists between northern Ontario and Queen’s Park. QP does not ‘think North’ when developing policies and programs.

Northern Policy Institute’s latest commentary Does Ontario need a Northern Lens? by Dr. Heather Hall dives into the possibilities and lessons around the creation and implementation of a northern policy lens.

What is a Northern Lens?

A policy lens is a tool used to develop or review existing policies, programs, and/or government practices based on a particular theme.

Within this framework, a rural lens is used to review all new and existing policies to ensure that urban and rural residents receive equitable treatment.

The commentary explores international and domestic examples of northern and rural lenses and how they operate once implemented in Northern Ireland, England and Canada.

Using the take-away lessons gathered from these cases, several key considerations were noted if Ontario were to implement a northern lens:

  • What works in the south does not always apply to the north.

Using a northern lens will awaken many eyes proving Ontario is made up of many unique regions with different realities and may have the potential to reshape policy in and for Northern Ontario.