Canadian to orbit moon in 2023

Artemis 2
Artemis 2

If all goes well the first Canadian Space Agency Astronaut will join their American counterparts on the first trip back to the moon.

Artemis II is planned to launch in 2023 and do a flyby of the moon.

This was part of an announcement made by the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry Navdeep Bains.

Bains announced the signing with NASA of the Lunar Gateway agreement. The agreement will also provide the Canadarm3 to the project.

The Canadarm3 announcement is also expected to create and maintain 1300 jobs in the industry.

The current plan is expected to cost “well over $2-billion” over the next 20 years in investment in the Artemis II project and the overall space strategy.

A central part of that is the Lunar Gateway. Bains notes the research and science we gain from space end up in our everyday lives.

“There is enormous science and industrial benefits and we recognize we need to continue to make these investments going forward,” said Bain. “We will see benefits across the country in different regions for years to come, this is an investment in Canadians.”

The Lunar Gateway won’t always be manned but artificial intelligence will help facilitate the new station.

There has been no decision made on who the astronaut will be to fly around the moon.

“It’s important to note we are a space fairing nation and very proud of our space history,” said Bains. “All Canadians should be proud of that.”