COVID-19 Case 61 in Algoma


Algoma Public Health is reporting a new COVID-19 case in the Algoma district.

Details of the confirmed case

Case Number: Case #61

Exposure Category: International travel

Status: Self-isolating

Tested: December 1, 2020

Critical Information

  • Anyone who is ill, even with mild symptoms, must stay home and isolate away from others.
  • Do not have close contact with others outside the immediate household of people you live with. Outside of home, practice physical distancing at all times by staying 2 metres away from other people.
  • Limit non-essential trips outside of home and avoid non-essential travel to other regions of the province. This is part of new advice from Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health announced on October 9.
  • All returning international travellers must stay home for 14 days. APH’s Chippewa County travel advisory on December 2 strongly advises those who cross the Canada-US border regularly to also stay home as much as possible for 14 days, even if you are exempt from quarantine.
  • As of October 2, 2020, the mandatory masking policy was extended to all of Ontario for all indoor settings across the province, such as businesses, facilities and workplaces.

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  1. They always have to learn the hard way. The travel restrictions are not near tight enough. ZERO international travel should be allowed and the border closed indefinitely.

  2. Be they students or people flying to get around the closures, people need to stay put.

    If you can’t attend class via webcam, then either stay on the US side for the year or switch schools.

    2 week voluntary quarantine is like leaving your card doors unlocked and being shocked someone raided your change… only takes one person acting like a fool.

    • 2012: Trudeau states in an interview he admires China’s dictatorship because they can control and reset their economy when needed.
      2020 (spring): VERY early into covid Trudeau makes multiple attempts to invoke Emergencies Act in essence giving them supreme powers and invoking socialism – something no PM in Canadian history has done. Thankfully he is stopped each time.
      2020 (fall): In a speech Trudeau mentioned The Great Reset saying “covid has given us the opportunity to reset the economy”, the Bank of Canada also mentions this.
      Those semantics say a lot – covid has provided NO opportunities unless you’re looking for them. Covid has forced some restrictions but most certainl has no provided opportunities unless there’s something very specific you’re trying to grasp.
      All of the earmarks and red flags are there and I truly hope this is just a conspiracy theory, unfortunately all of the building blocks are there. To be misinformed is to miss seeing what’s happening. It’s easier to dismiss evidence as conspiracy and conjecture then it is to leave one’s comfort zone and recognize the warning signs.

  3. A student crossing is considered international travel. They may isolate at home, but if living with family members,I don’t think family are all staying indoors. I feel for students. They should have to stay on side they are going to school.

  4. Please obtain a court order to close the loop hole in the BORDER!! This needs to stop, our health on this side is more important. The last 4 cases have all been from crossings

    • There’s no loop hole, it’s exactly as intended by Trudeau. So far all his plans are going according to his agenda.
      Better not get too used to your freedom.

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