Doug Ford “The time for action on our borders is now”

Doug Ford

Doug Ford Official Statement:

When you are in a war, you come together.

I think you know I’ll work with anyone and everyone to win this battle against the invisible threat of COVID-19.

But I will also stand up for Ontario families when we aren’t getting our fair share.

The truth is, our borders are a real problem. That’s why we continue to implore Prime Minister Trudeau to take action and secure our borders.

After months of pleading with the federal government, we are still seeing tens of thousands of travellers enter our airports and communities without any quarantine enforcement or rapid testing.

And we are now facing a new strain of COVID-19 coming out of the UK.

Enough is enough. The time for action is now.

We need to ensure that our border is secure. We need to be certain that we’re catching cases of COVID before they have a chance of spreading in our communities. Otherwise, the sacrifices we’re asking Ontarians to make are for nothing.

Our PC government has one message to Prime Minister Trudeau: secure our borders now.

Do you stand with us? Show your support by signing our petition here today.

If Justin Trudeau won’t secure our borders from this threat, I will.

Because I will never, ever shy away from my duty to protect the people of Ontario.

Doug Ford


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