Endangered Monarchs a possible reality

Monarch Butterflies

Tuesday could be a day those who work to protect Monarch Butterflies will look back at and say this is where it finally got better.

That is the day the United States Fish and Wildlife Services may recommend putting the butterfly which frequents the great lakes, on the endangered species list.

If the decision is made to put it on the list various rules and regulations will be drawn up to help protect the species. This could include restrictions on removing milkweed from farmland as this is the sole source of food for the Monarch’s Caterpillars.

“We’ve been doing a lot of work gathering information and looking at the butterfly’s status,” said U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service spokeswoman Georgia Parham. “We’re coming to the end of that process now.”

According to Michigan State University gardeners can help save this species by being a little more careful with what they plant in their gardens. In a video, they suggest what can be planted to help.

It suggests planting the Milkweed and then flowers which bloom all summer and late into fall together. By doing so you will be giving the species a big hand as the adults use the nectar as a food supply.

There is no word what Canada will do if the signature butterfly is put on the list but if history is any clue there will be restrictions put in place here too.