Extension reached with Huron Central Railway

Huron Central Railway

A late-day announcement from Ross Romano’s office will be good news for some worried about job security at Christmas.

The Huron Central Railway was set to close down operations on December 18, 2020. They have agreed to extend these operations until June 30, 2021 as discussions continue with the different levels of government.

MPP Romano realizes this is a push down the road but notes it does allow more time for negotiations.

“We continue to work to secure the future of short-line rail in Northern Ontario,” said Romano. “We’ve been working together with them, my office has been now since we came to a resolution of HCRY back in November of 2018.”

HCRY and the government are working closely to come up with some viable options moving forward and the federal government has now been included in these conversations.

This agreement allows both levels of government to review the proposal made by the company. The proposal was made as a way to make the operations of the line sustainable going forward.

“No one is losing their job and nothing is shutting down right before Christmas.”