Festive RIDE Launch


SAULT STE. MARIE, ON – Although impaired driving charges are down about 30 per cent this year citywide, police are using the annual government grant to keep our roads safe.

Traffic Sergeant Ray Magnon was on location at the first RIDE stop on McNabb near Lock City Dairy.

“For everybody, it is festive time to have a plan, if you are going to consume alcohol make sure you have a plan how you’re going to get home,” said Magnon. “Calling a friend, using some sort of ride-sharing, taxi, bus, whatever it may be do not use alcohol or drugs together and drive.”

Officers from Sault Police Services, Ontario Provincial Police and other partners were at this first location and plan to be going forward.

Officers won’t just be looking for impaired. They will have their automated license plate reader at some RIDE stops.

These devices can scan three plates per second. This allows them to stop suspended drivers and vehicles etc.

They will be looking for headlights, seatbelts and all other traffic violations.

Magnon wanted people to know that due to COVID they won’t be sticking their heads inside vehicles to check for a smell of alcohol.

However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do a roadside test if asked.

“At one-time we were required to have a suspicion that there was alcohol in the person’s body,” said Magnon. “However two years ago the government changed the law which now allows for mandatory alcohol screening.”

The RIDE programs will run from Today until Jan 1, 2021.