First Pfizer vaccine shots to be given right at delivery sites, not LTC homes: Tam

Theresa Tam

OTTAWA — Canada’s chief public health officer says the first doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine are likely to be given only to people who can physically be at one of the 14 delivery sites.

Dr. Theresa Tam says experience moving the vaccine around might eventually allow it to be taken to other sites but acknowledged this likely means many long-term care home residents won’t get the initial doses.

Long-term care residents and staff are among those who are to be prioritized for the first doses of vaccines but Tam says most residents can’t easily be moved to another site.

Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic LeBlanc also says the expected executive order from U.S. President Donald Trump to prioritize Pfizer doses for Americans should not affect Canada’s expected deliveries.

LeBlanc says concerns about dose supplies were contemplated when the contracts were signed.

Canada’s doses of Pfizer’s vaccine are to come from lots produced at the company’s manufacturing plant in Belgium.


  1. After reading the side effects of this rushed vaccine they may be better off giving the shots at the hospital.
    The vaccine needs to be administered twice apparently and in the trials there were nasty side effects after the first shot and got first after the second.
    According to Pfizer in the trial with 45,538 participants there were also 6 deaths.
    Vaccine death rate = 0.01%
    Ontario COVID death rate = 0.003%
    You actually have a better chance of dying due to the vaccine than covid itself.
    Pfizer also reported the vaccine only only appears to be 52% effective after the first shot.
    The risk far outweighs the reward in my opinion.

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