Hydration may equal happiness

Glass of Water

A OnePoll survey commissioned by Bosch Home Appliances seems to draw a conclusion, drink more water to be happy.

The survey of 2000 Americans finds that keeping hydrated, not love or family seems to be the key to happiness.

41% of respondents who drink at least six glasses of water a day were most likely to agree with the statement “I’m very happy.”

On the flip side, 12% of people who only drank one glass of water a day answered that statement positively.

40% of Americans who drink 6 glasses of water also consider themselves optimistic.

Do you want to feel refreshed?

Drink water, 6+ cups a day and survey shows people only woke up tired 2.59 times a week. Don’t drink water you’ll be tired 3.14 times a week according to the study.

The study links promptness to being hydrated as well suggesting you will be less likely to be late to work if you drink more water.

Health Canada recommends drinking 2 litres of water or 8 glasses daily.

Do you drink 6 cups of water?

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