Millroy: Trump Isn’t Going Away


Watching what has been happening in the United States with loser President Donald Trump challenging the election results at every turn, I think in looking back at his presidential run that he was attempting to follow the path laid out by German dictator Adolf Hitler in the 1930s.
Hitler started off from a modest beginning but with his wild rhetoric he got the masses behind him, similar to what Trump did in 2016.

Spewing venom at every turn, Hitler clawed his way into a position of total power.
The military could have stopped him at any time but the generals chose not to.

Trump, bypassing a lot of what Hitler had to go through, became commander-in-chief with his election in 2016.

We have seen the power he accumulated in that time, with a base that reveres him and politicians in the Republican party he represents cowering before him.

It is a good thing he is going out the door, even though he is losing his fingernails from his attempts to hang on, because who knows what would have happened if he had been re-elected for another four-year term.

Would he maybe have been able to install top generals who would have allowed him to assume the mantel of dictator? Putting him in a club to whose members he has long pandered.

Would it have been possible that Canada would have ended up next door to a totalitarian regime?

I realize this sounds far out but with the crazies who follow Trump, the supreme crazy, I truly believe it was not beyond the realm of possibility.

After all, to this point, few have had the courage to stand up to him.

Trump still does not accept the results of the election nor do his followers. They believe Joe Biden stole the election.
They claim there was massive fraud.
They cannot tell you.

Trump, who allegedly at one time had a flirtation with the truth, and some of his followers have launched more than 30 law suits, all of which have been shot down, in many instances by conservative judges and in some by those he appointed..

The simple reason for this is that they have gone into court armed with nothing in the way of evidence, just their claims that something had to have happened for Trump to have lost to Biden.

One of the last nails driven into Trump’s cause came from U.S. District Court Judge Matthew Brann, who issued a scathing order in late November dismissing the Trump campaign’s futile effort to block the certification of votes in Pennsylvania, shooting down claims of widespread irregularities with mail-in ballots in the process.

The judge wrote in his order that Trump had asked the court to disenfranchise almost seven million voters.

“One might expect that when seeking such a startling outcome, a plaintiff would come formidably armed with compelling legal arguments and factual proof of rampant corruption,” Brann wrote, “so much that the court would have no option but to stop the certification even though it would impact so many people.

“Instead, this court was presented with harsh legal arguments without merit . . . “
Beyond the decisions that went against him in the lower courts, Trump also lost at the Supreme Court twice.

In the last one, Texas’ attorney general, Ken Paxton — who is under indictment for securities fraud — asked the Supreme Court to overturn the results of the presidential election in four other battleground states, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. He was backed by more than 17 attorneys general from other states and 126 Republicans in Congress in asking the court to throw out millions of votes.

Texas asking not for the election results to be overturned in its state but in four other states would be like Ontario wanting to overturn the results in Manitoba if Ontario didn’t like them.
Yet people who would normally be considered reasonable back Trump in such ill-conceived ventures.

In regard to the election, I can understand how one can be “fixed” or “rigged” in totalitarian countries but I can’t understand how it could happen in countries like the United States or Canada.

The people who man the polling booths will be from all party affiliations as well as independents and there are observers from all the parties involved. Similarly, this occurs during the counting of ballots.

Can an election be fixed or rigged without the help of these people? Could they have given Biden seven million votes, the number he led Trump by in the popular vote?

I don’t think so and election officials, both Republican and Democrat, have certified the vote in their states.

Yet Gabriel Sterling, a top Republican election official in Georgia , was forced to issue an appeal to Trump and other GOP politicians to tamp down their baseless claims of widespread fraud because their intensifying attacks on the integrity of the vote were making election workers the subject of dangerous threats.

However, Trump and/or his people continued to allege that in some instances their representatives were denied observer status and there were boxes (allegedly containing illegal ballots) under the desks on which ballots were being counted.

Both claims were debunked in court.

Voting machines were also allegedly hijacked, another claim that went nowhere.
The election, the first to be questioned in this way and only because of Trump, is over and the facts show it was legitimate. Biden is going to be the next president. For once in his life Trump should show some class and acknowledge this and then pack his bags and go home.

I jest, of course, such a reasonable thing being beyond Trump.

He is not going away. For the next four years he will run the Republican Party and will be almost as much of a pain and destructive out of office as he was within.



  1. The coronavirus exposed the flaws of Trump’s choices.

    Imagine if Trump had chosen to implement a way to ensure that impoverished Americans had food, clothing and shelter in exchange for community service during his first three years in office. The coronavirus would have had very little economic impact on anyone, and communities would be far richer, even though millions of Americans lost their jobs during the pandemic.

    But Trump chose to focus on job creation strategies which did nothing to help low-wage workers and the impoverished while times were good, and even less during the pandemic. These Americans still needed to work 2 jobs just to make ends meet.

    Imagine if Trump had chosen to focus on ensuring that every American had reasonable health coverage so they wouldn’t have to worry about bankrupting themselves and their families if they got sick.

    But Trump chose to facilitate an economic environment that has seen the stock market reach it’s highest point in history (I’m not sure why this is happening considering there’s not a lot of business going on out there during the pandemic) which has definitely benefited those who are heavily invested in the markets, but which is doing absolutely nothing for those who are finding it hard to put food on the table.

    Trump chose to try to build an economic powerhouse on a shaky foundation. Poor choice President Trump.

    Presidential choices matter.

    You can see that Trump’s choice to expedite the coronavirus vaccine for the health of the nation with Operation Warpspeed was something he was given credit. You can also see that he has been blamed massively increasing the Covid-19 death toll and rate due to Covid-19 by choosing to be the poster boy for ignoring public health officials’ advice to social distance and wear masks .

    Presidential choices matter, and based on his choices Trump was not a good president from my point of view.

    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    • It must be very hard for you to get through the day knowing there are so many people out there just ‘wasting skin’ Ann.

      Don’t worry though, we’ll be here for you when your glorious leader decides you are the enemy and wants to get rid of you. That’s his one trick – identifying an enemy and getting rid of them, then identifying another enemy and getting rid of them, and so on, and so on, and so on… It’s only a matter of time before you are identified as the enemy Ann, and he’ll get rid of you.

      Trump’s a divider and a hatred maker.

      That’s what makes his supporters love him so much. Every single solitary one of them is full of anger and hatred for the enemies he identifies.

      Case in point: “your point of view is Distorted and Corrupt and only can come from a Socialist/Communist. Liberals, NDP’ers and Greens are a Waste of Skin”~Ann

      That pretty much sounds like hatred-filled anger towards Socialists, Communists, Liberals, NDPs, and Greens to me, but I could be wrong. You may just be upset that someone doesn’t agree with your firmly held beliefs about Trump and his loss in the election. I sure hope that’s all it is. Maybe you actually love all people, and don’t think people who believe in Communism, or Socialism, or who are members of the Liberal, NDP, or Green parties don’t deserve to have skin.

      Anyhow, may the light of the world shine peacefully and joyfully into your heart during this holiday season.

  2. Americans are worst off today not because of Donald Trump .They are worse off because of China unleashing a Coronavirus upon the world.
    This virus came from China’s Level 4 Lab in Wuhan where they run a Biological Weapons Program. Chinese Biological spies were working
    long side other countries Biological programs stealing Biological specimens and sending them back to the Wuhan Lab.
    July 2019 Dr Qui a Biological Scientist working at Canada’s National Biological level 4 Lab for almost 10 years .Was arrested by the RCMP along with her students and husband and sent back to Wuhan China.2 months later the RCMP OFFICER in charge of the unit that deported Dr Quin was arrested for spying for China.This was reported by CBC news.
    PRESIDENT TRUMP has done more than what Trudeau has done.Considering nothing was known about this CHINA VIRUS.
    Operation Warpspeed Led by President Trump with Vice President Pence leading the Task Force produced 2 vaccines for the virus in less than 9 months which normally takes 5 years .
    What did Trudeau do,sent 16 tons of our PPEs ,our national stock pile
    To China,Raisedthe carbon taxes by 556%;introduced an carbon tax desguise as something else.Gave 448 million dollars away in foreign aid.Meanwhile our First Nations are treated like 3 RD world countries with undrinkable water .We need to Honour The Treaties and start bringing their communities up the standard as the rest of Canada .

  3. Blah, blah, blah. The simple fact remains that the overwhelming majority of Americans are far worse off now than when Trump became President, and whatever good he may have done in bringing jobs back to America will go largely unnoticed by the history books because of the almost 195,000 additional American lives that were lost (at this point) under his watch simply because he didn’t do what Canada has been doing to control the spread of Covid-19, and because of his detachment from reality when it comes to his loss in the 2020 election.

    I think we are going to have to agree to disagree Mr. Schinners.

    I’m not going to convince you that Trump’s a reprobate who never cared about the American people, and you are not going to convince me that he is good in any way, shape or form.

    Just know that I am here for you, and most especially when Trump decides that you are the enemy that needs to be dealt with like he has done with so many others during his short 4 years as president.

  4. Mark, the economy tanked because of the lockdown ,Small Business closed while the mega stores stayed open. Millions of people laid off work. It was a blow to the economy. The So call experts Fauci Bryx and others told the President to shut down the economy to flatten the curve.I see you forgot that.Schools ,Universities.Banks and other business all shut down.The stock market dropped .The job numbers dropped .Then when started to reopen the job numbers improved. The stock market is the highest in history.You forget or conveniently leave out that fact that President Trump did all this with one hand tied behind his back .Just imagine what he could have done if The Congress had worked with him instead of against him.

  5. The Democrats stole this election .They USA Dominion ,algorithms Symantec programs ,USB drives to flip votes from Trump to Biden.Not to mention the crooked Democrats who back dated ballots to Nov3.They were caught. President TRUMP got Peace Treaties with Arab Countries first in 30 years .No other President has done that.JOE Biden has 47 years in government and accomplished nothing President Trump did more in 4 years .He rebuild the military fixed the VA .
    So I get it you love this communist agenda of Biden and Trudeau
    THERE are more people against this Communist takeover .Things are about to change as the people love their freedom. Merry Christmas

    • President-elect Biden won the election fair and square. Everybody but conspiracy theorists know this to be a proven fact. Even president Trump knows this. He’s just claiming the election was stolen to fundraise money for his personal use.

      Peace Treaties are not just pieces of paper. They are most importantly the character of the people and institutions behind the signatures and agreements on the piece of paper. Trump’s treaties with the Arabs are as good as toilet paper.

      Joe Biden had to work with people on both sides of the aisle every single day of his 47 years in office, his time in office has been a constant negotiation for the benefit of all Americans, and he has done so very effectively according to the people who have re-elected him time and time and time again. This, in stark contrast to your hero who used Executive Orders because he couldn’t work with anyone, and who, as a result, was unceremoniously turfed by 81 million Americans, and 306 members of the Electoral College after just 4 years in elected office.

      I get that you prefer Trump’s fascist approach, but things are about to change because people love their freedom, and their democratic rights and obligations.

      Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  6. No, Trump didn’t start the pandemic Mr. Schinners, but he managed it the worst of any leader in the entire world. 318,399 Americans dead and counting 🙁 Let him go back to managing money losing properties, at least he won’t be able to kill anyone doing that.

  7. You cannot blame Trump for this Pandemic nice try.
    China and WHO keep valuable information from the USA.They lied about this VIRUS when Trump offer to send in The CDC to contain the outbreak in China .China refused .When Trump put the Travel ban on China what did the Democrats do call him Racist.Even Dr FAUCI said President Trump Saved millions of lives .The Democrats dropped the ball and never took this Virus seriously they were too busy impeaching and trying to remove him from office. Speaker Pelosi and others Democrats were in Chinatowns partying .President Trump set a Task Force to deal with this .Nobody knew even the Scientists did know anything .Trump had the Media against him .So what did the Democrats do they weaponized the pandemic and rush in Mailin votings changing state Legislation without putting in the proper rules .It was Governors and Attorney Generals who made changes in violation of the US Constitution.

  8. What can I say, you and I measure success differently Mr. Schinners. Economic success is important, but it is only a component of the well-being of people. Besides, how has Trump been doing economically in 2020? You conveniently left that out. And how has Trump’s ‘economy first’ approach to Covid-19 benefited his people? 318,499 Americans are dead 🙁 That’s how.

    Trump is a one trick pony. A power hungry, money grubbing megalomaniac, but I can safely say that the worst of Trump is yet to come in the next few weeks, and in the coming years.

    • Mark, you don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Trump is far from a power hungry, money grabbing megalomaniac. Trump was a VERY Wealthy and Powerful American before he even became President. He doesn’t even take a wage for being President. He truly loves America and the American people. The China Virus was unleashed on the U.S. and the world, to Unseat the BEST President that the U.S. has ever had. China’s intention is to take over the Best, Free Country in the World – U.S. and then the rest of the World. Trump was laughed at when he promised America that he would bring in a Vaccine before the end of the Year. He Delivered on this promise and has Delivered on every promise that he has made to the American people. TRUTH will Prevail and President Trump will be the U.S. President for four more years. The Majority of Americans have voted for President Trump! NOT for Cheating,Dementia, China Loving, Corrupt Basement, Fraudulent Joe!

    • Luckily the US doesn’t let the sitting president decide who wins the presidential election Ann. Trump is stupid to think that’s the way it works.

      Plus, Trump will have to take the responsibility for the worst Covid-19 death toll and death rate of any country in the world if he is going to take credit for the rapid creation of a Covid-19 vaccine. They both happened under his watch.

      • Go stick your head back in the sand, you Stupid Communist/Socialistl! You could only wish that you were as “Stupid” as Trump! Trump did win the 2020 U.S. Election and it will be Proven beyond any Reasonable Doubt. The Vaccine should be called the “Trump Vaccine”. He should definitely take Credit for the Rapid Creation of the China Virus Vaccine. Only an Idiot would call Trump “Stupid”! The Election is NOT Over! There is LOTS more to come! TRUMP 2020!

      • Not according to the ballots, not even the paper ones that were counted on the first re-count in Georgia Ann.

        And not according to any Trump appointed court because those people deal exclusively in evidence, and there ain’t no evidence to support your belief.

        Sure Trump may find a way to seize the presidency in 2020 by plunging the United States into war, but that doesn’t mean he won the 2020 election. He didn’t. That ship has sailed, and it’s time for you to pull your head out of the sand.

        Any president would have done the same thing that Trump did to rapidly create a vaccine to inoculate people against a new, deadly, rapidly spreading virus. To say otherwise is simply to delude yourself Ann. Trump will always take credit for all the good stuff that happens under his watch, and blame others for all the bad stuff that happens under his watch. Why do you think so many people have been fired during his administration. It’s the sign of a bad leader, and Trump is a very very poor leader from my point of view.

  9. Here is something up about Trump that is amazing .

    TRUMPS Economy Polices
    1)Greatest Boom in American history.
    2) Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Dec 2017 biggest tax reform in 30 years.Tax relief for 80% of middle class American Families
    3)Doubled Child Tax Credits
    4) Simplified Tax filing process
    5) Cut taxes 20% on small businesses
    6)Cut corporate tax tate from 35% to 21% reduced state and local deductions
    7)Repealed Obama Individual mandate
    8)Expanded College Savings Accounts
    9)Trumps economy growth in 2018 hit 3.1 % first time in13 years.
    10)April 2019 unemployment rate dropped 3.6 % lowest since 1969 .
    More info 11) Dec 2018 first time on record more job openings than unemployed Americans.
    12)Aug 2019 18 consecutive months unemployment rate was equal to 4 % Jan 2020 marked 23 consecutive months longest in 50 years.

  10. I’m wondering what exactly is it you stand for Mr. Schinners?

    I know you believe the election was rigged because your guy lost (according to the ballots, and the counters, and the scrutineers, and the re-counters, and the re-re-counters, and the state courts, and the federal courts, and the state certifiers of elections, and the electoral college), and your belief is okay, but it doesn’t make it true.

    There is truth, and the truth of the matter is the election is over. Signed, sealed and delivered.

    This lame duck president’s social media accounts need to be shut down now. No lame duck president should have unfettered broadcasting access to the world. Way too much damage can be done. Seriously.

  11. Trump will never be able to run for President again because after Biden’s inauguration Trump will become a convicted felon and unable to run in any future Elections. The only way that he can not be convicted is for Trump to hand over the Presidency to Pence and have Pence give him a pardon. If Trump pardons himself he can still face felony charges later and New York Prosecutors are waiting for him to be a U.S.A. citizen again. My guess is he will try to escape from the U.S.A to a country that will not let him leave .

  12. Schinners—Perhaps you forgot that Hillery out voted Trump by 4 million votes in 2016. Yet lost the Election.
    Your unproven theories about the 2020 Election are the same theories that Trump tried to prove but failed for lack of viable evidence about 40 times.
    Get off these Trump Lies and admit that Biden won the election fair and square or are you unable to admit defeat just like Trump.

    • Goldie ,The Presidency is not decided on the popular vote.It is decided on electoral college votes .Your point is mute.
      There is wide spread fraud in this 2020 election.
      1)The swing States Democrat Governors and Att Generals changed the Voting regulations in these states .That is violation of state Constitutions,and the Constitution of the USA article two.Where it is the state legislature that changes the voting regulations. Some state legislsture have passed their voting to mailin ballots only .There is a procedure you must do first in order to Vote .Some states just mailed out millions of ballots from the 2016 voters list.These ballots when to empty lots ,abandoned buildings ,Apartments.Some these people were dead,some people had moved .This made this election mailin voting nightmare and rip for fraud. It created chaos with these ballots .The courts dismissed this and refused to hear thec cases .Witnesses some Democrat some Republicans signed writen testimonies under threat of perjury and prison time about
      the fraud they witnessed.They received death threats .Michigan had 7.8 million total voters .8.1MILLION VOTED! A difference of 300,000 illegal votes! Joe Biden won Michigan by 150,000 votes.The clerk doing the count received death threats because she refused to certify the vote.
      This type election fraud took place in six swing states .Sydney Powell,a Democrat an independent lawyer and Prosecutor has uncovered a lot more .Same with Rudy G.Their evidence was not tossed out it was .The courts just refused to get involved in the election .

  13. Goldie ,First off Trump did not steal the election from Hillary.Trump,at the time was even surprised he won.Hillary and the Dems rigged the election in 2016 for Hillary .This time they rigged election abd int worked.Once they figure out completely how they used Covid and mail in ballots and these Dominion Voting machines .Sure it’s going take time.The 60 court cases were just not heard the evidence of cheating and fraud is overwhelming .

  14. Doug. You are right—Trump will not go away—Biden may have to call the Army in to get Trump out of the White House. He thinks he owns the White House. Melania said it right — She just wants to go home |
    It is people like Schinners who will continue the farce that Trump was robbed. He forgot how he stole the Presidency from Hillery Clinton in 2016

  15. Goldie, thank you for the compliment. Keep on sipping on Trudeau’s reset to communism and the looney left .I do have to say these Liberals/ communists / NDP are all cut from the same cloth.Under Biden the reset will happen under the control of the corrupt UN and WHO all controlled by the CCP.Trudeau and Biden have the same agenda for their respective countries .Climate Change ,Green New Deal are all part of the CCP one world Government under their control .Trudeau and Biden have been bought and paid for .Time for them to deliver .China has called in their loans.

  16. Schinners—-What a Far Right thinker you are—Very close to Trump.
    If you think that Jan. 6 will change anything you are as crazy as a loon and you are crazier than the buffoon Donald Trump. You would be a good candidate to join Rush Limbaugh et al on Fox News.

  17. First off Doug when you use the Hitler comparison you lose the argument.
    What you dish up in this column is just more BS Rhetoric from a left wing Trudeau loving wing nut.
    Getting back to President Trump.I get it you don’t like him most socialists / communists don’t.
    President Trump was draining the swamp.There was widespread fraud throughout this election .Joe Biden can barely put a sentence together .He does have dementia.There is no way that he lgot 80 million legal votes. If you honestly look at the statistics and graphics it shows that the early morning ballot drops.Thousands of ballots just with Biden on them.Lets look at the legal documents witnessing the fraud .We all watch the videos of the counting of ballots by Democrats with Republican scrutineers there .What Governor Whitmer of Michigan not letting the Republican
    Electoral College electors cast their vote .Instead appointing Democrats electors in A Republican legislator .What about Governors and state Attorney Generals changing the voting rules? When it’s the legislature that only can make those changes.Article 2 of the US Constitution.
    Jan 6 is the date that matters that is when President Trump will win re election. That is when Joe Biden and his Crime Family gets arrested for Treason

  18. Trump has done about all he can to ruin the Republican Party. Shortly after he leaves the White House he is going to jail and then the Republicans can dump him if they are smart. But the Republicans have yet to show how smart they are by following a Buffoon.

  19. There’s a difference between being debunked and circumstantial/insufficient evidence. Eg a good chunk of ballots only had presidential votes which is suspect. That said not enough to say they’re not eligible.

    To say there’s no fraud in an election is naive or that fraud couldn’t change the results for that matter. That said the odds of coordination is pretty slim and with both sides doing it, we’re not seeing changes in the results. Every side cheats. Not necessarily directly. Zealous supporters will try.

    The issue at hand is that the mail in was poorly implemented and there are holes. (Plus the delays, stories of mailmen back dating ballots makes for poor optics)

    Sad thing is, in Canada our Elections are even shakier. People without citizenship getting ballots, id no longer required to vote, expats voting in the riding of their choice, etc.). Now Trudeau wants mail in voting.

    You want to avoid the fiasco here? Develop a solid online platform where only 1 vote per SIN (you can map it to a unique voter id), blacklist VPNs, only allow foreign IPs for expats, record IPs cross reference with ridings.

  20. Actually, after reading this, it’s as reminiscent of Trudeau’s methodology.
    Why are we not equally concerned about our own federal government?

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