New confirmed case of COVID-19 in Algoma reported by APH

COVID-19 in Algoma

Algoma Public Health is reporting the 63rd confirmed case of COVID-19 in the Algoma District. The resident is currently self-isolating and was tested on December 21, 2020.

The cause of exposure is indicated as unknown as the person did not travel internationally recently, nor have any close contact with another known confirmed case.

The following is the current status of cases in the Algoma District, as reported by Algoma Public Health.

Tested (1)  Confirmed
cases (2)
cases (3)
69,550 63 1 (2)*  62 0
Updated: December 22, 2020, 3:00 p.m.


(1) That Algoma Public Health is aware of.

(2) Algoma residents who have confirmed COVID-19 infection.

*The number in brackets are active cases in non-Algoma residents who are temporarily in Algoma.  These cases are not counted as part of Algoma’s confirmed case count.  APH conducts contact tracing and monitoring of self-isolation for all cases within Algoma.

(3) Patient tested positive but is resolved according to current public health criteria. This number includes any persons who are deceased.

  • These data sets are preliminary and subject to change, pending further review.
  • Confirmed positives will be reported as soon as publicly available.


  1. “non-Algoma residents who are temporarily in Algoma”. Why are they here and are they being sent home? Did they travel from Southern Ontario? This is why people are asking for more transparency from APH. APH needs to provide more details about Covid cases. The only thing then should keep confidential is the name of the individual. Too many unanswered questions. If these people are from Southern Ontario and responsible for giving Covid to the Algoma resident, both non residents should be fined for endangering life. Again, Northern Ontario needs to be a bubble. No travel in or out other than truck drivers hauling goods and any necessary medical transfers. No one else. As for the lockdown starting on boxing day, what the heck! it should have started immediately. Now all the Southerners will rush North before the lockdown causing our numbers to skyrocket and then we will be moved to the 28 day lockdown. Northern Ontario is not respected by Southerners which is why Northern Ontario should be its own province or at least closed to Southerners.

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