New Mayor and possibly CAO in 2023

Christian Provenzano
Photo by Christopher Oldcorn

SAULT STE. MARIE, ON – An announcement during the City Council meeting by CAO Malcolm White confirmed some information Monday night.

During the 2021-2023 corporate strategic plan presentation, White cautioned the council about what needs to be done when a new council takes over.

“As far as going for 2023 obviously you have a new election, a new municipal election which will occur late in 2022. As you head into 23 as councils aware you will at least have a new mayor,” said White.

“In 2023 you will likely be going through a new CAO selection process. So you will want to get the new council … acclimatized to the governance role.”

He told the council they would definitely want to have a new CAO selected before deciding on a Strategic Plan going forward past 2023.

Other highlights of the plan which was approved by the council include considering the new Firehall, west end water treatment plant upgrades, and welcoming and seeking immigration to the community.


  1. How about you do your job and take care of the community people you already have depending on you. Never mind welcoming and seeking immigration to the community. This won’t be a community worth living in if you don’t take action NOW. These people who need your support the most are cold hungry and homeless. Get a treatment facility on the go pronto…Or the only thing you will be recognized for is the destruction of our once beautiful safe city…It’s all about the money in your pockets you council need to open your eyes and quit filling your own pockets for your political agenda…Shame on everyone of you for letting this City fall to the crime level we are facing every day.. Sitting behind your tinted glass windows acting like you care about our City…Ignoring what’s right in your face… We should give all the thieves your addresses let them terrorizes you in the night. Give you a taste of what our working people have to deal with day and night…

  2. I’m assuming the Mayor is eying a Liberal nomination… Probably provincial… I like now the competition thought Malcom White’s comment about not being CAO was more telling… He’s just not assuming he’ll get extended, so no shock there. He still very well could be kept on.

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