New winter walking Pilot Project


City Council has passed a resolution which will provide a few more walking trails for citizens this winter.

The COVID-19 travel restrictions on border crossings and requirements to quarantine on return to Canada have resulted in many snowbirds’ travel plans being disrupted this coming winter says the motion.

The two parks will be Strathclair Park and at Elliot Park they will be added to the two already done Clergue and Bellevue. Councillors Christian and Shoemaker.

“This is a result of a number of requests I’ve had,” said Shoemaker. “Some walking trails in the west and east would be a good compromise.”

He was referring to some of the requests to clear the hub trail.

This is being done a one-time basis because of COVID. It will cost $33,000 to do and that money will be coming from the Winter Maintenance Reserve to create these trails. It will go toward purchasing a new blower and fuel etc.

Councillor Vezeau-Allen also loved this idea and says it has been a long time coming.

“Perhaps crisis has created opportunity here,” said Vezeau-Allen. “It’s what our community deserves, they deserve a safe place to walk and recreate.

Unofficially the vote was unanimous.