No COVID-19 vaccine could mean no access to hospitals, nursing homes, or schools

Flu Vaccine

Don’t want to be vaccinated? You may face restrictions according to Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer.

If you want to go to a hospital or nursing home and maybe even school without personal protective equipment (PPE) you may need to show proof of vaccination.

“Not that someone is going to be forced to take it against their will,” said Dr. David Williams, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer.

No one yet knows how many Ontarians will need to be vaccinated before restrictions can be reduced. A threshold of “herd-immunity” may be what is necessary he said.

Federal officials are saying a vaccine should be available to Canadians in the first quarter of 2021. This means it could be as late as the end of March before any Canadians see the dose.

Then it comes down to who gets it first. A Bio-Ethicist is being added to the provincial task force to help answer that question.

Retired General Rick Hillier heads the vaccine task force. He spoke to Ontarians the other day as if we were some of his troops going to battle. Bringing up battles such as Passchendaele and Vimy Ridge encouraging us to keep fighting this pandemic and doing the right thing.

He noted they will have a plan in place by December 31 on how to distribute the vaccine when they get the first dose.

If you follow press conferences from Queen’s Park it appears as though the answer is high-risk individuals and first responders are first-in-line for the vaccine.

That doesn’t solve all the issues … do first responders in southern Ontario get it before the north?

What about LTC’s in the north do we get the same priority even though our numbers are down?

These questions remain unanswered.


  1. These people have lost their proverbial minds.. denial of medical services for any reason, is against the Geneva Convention & a direct violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

    We wouldn’t deny ‘prisoners of war’ access to medical treatment.. what they’re proposing is an act of war & could even be construed as a state-sponsored Democide. I’ll make this as clear as I possibly can.

    Come near me, or my family with a ‘mandatory’ swab or syringe & I’ll kill you.. plain, simple & (period).

  2. If any of this was safe & legal they wouldn’t need to ‘exempt’ themselves from liabilities or lawsuits.. altering our RNA/DNA is something there’s no coming back from.. come near me or my family with a swab or a syringe & you’d better be prepared for the consequences.

  3. The onus is on the government to prove to us this is safe if they are going to be forcing it on us contrary to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
    Pfizer has been charged with falsifying trial results in the past and allowed to settle out of court.
    They have been directly responsible for many deaths due to dangerous reactions from their products – again allowed to settle out of court. They’re currently under court action.
    This is from products developed under ‘normal’ trials. I don’t for a second trust a Pfizer product rushed through speedy trials.

    • I feel exactly the same. I am so sick of being told l must be vaccinated or else!
      I am not against vaccinations but l have zero faith it us SAFE.

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