North Bay order which can include “Custody” not in effect here says APH

algoma public health

A section 22 order made by North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit is not being broadly used here according to Algoma Public Health.

The order in North Bay allows police and health officials to have people taken into custody (in a hospital or other appropriate facility) if they can’t or are not complying with self isolation requirements during their self-isolation period.

It is in response to multiple complaints stating people are not complying with the regulations requiring them to stay home.

Algoma Public Health Unit Dr. Celeste Loewe the Public Health Resident Physician says they have the ability to make such an broad order is not necessary at this time.

Algoma Public Health has the ability to issue an individual Section 22 order to a specific person to achieve compliance if need be.  This can be done for any reportable communicable disease that puts public health at risk,” said Loewe. “We have done this in the past, and we will use this enforcement tool where warranted.”

She continued to note to this point Algoma Residents have been responsible and compliant with public health direction with regards to COVID-19.

APH continues to monitor the situation and frequently re-evaluates courses of action they may need to take.

They remind people If you know someone with COVID-19 or is self-isolating, you can support them in many ways. Run some errands for them or deliver groceries. You can also connect with them virtually to let them know they aren’t alone.


  1. Posted this to a post that got moderated… but here’s my 2 cents regardless… Problem is he cannot be fired from something he owns. Was this a severe lapse in judgement, BEYOND, and as an educator in a leadership role who is likely involved in the COVID protocols in the school board, coach and professional in the field he should have aught to have known better, but lets be real no one is following recommended guidelines, and the guidelines are very vague when it comes to sports. There are pictures floating around social media of the benches during men’s league hockey and its pretty clear that sports are “exempt” from safety guidelines. You have to wear a mask to go into a store, but you can sit immediately beside another athlete while breathing heavily and bodily fluids being sprayed around, and then go to work the next morning no problem, so we cant just hold Jeff to blame on this even though as someone in his position should have used more common sense, its pretty clear our government feels that sports are safe (but shopping at wal-mart isn’t)… until they get this right, or get enough people vaccinated it will just continue to be an issue.

  2. These “responsible people” they are talking about are the same ones that allowed a basketball team from a totally locked down province to come here to practice ??? Definitely not my idea of responsibilty……Oh well, our numbers are low so I guess we can afford a death or two….

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