Paramedics won’t get vaccine for a while

SSM Ambulance
SSM ambulances in their bays courtesy of SSM Ambulance Service FB page

As vaccines get rolled out in Ontario the task force in charge has had to make some difficult decisions.

Retired General Rick Hiller is the head of Ontario’s COVID vaccine distribution task force. When talking about paramedics he says they will have to wait.

“They will be picked up in the latter part of phase 1, March, into the front part of phase 2 which is April or May. That’s most likely when they will be seen,” Hillier said.

Robert Rushworth is the chief of paramedic services in Sault Ste. Marie says he’s not heard anything from the province.

“At this time the Ministry of Health has not  given us any direction on vaccination access or requirement for paramedics,” he said in an emailed statement to “APH has collected our staff numbers but nothing further has been heard from them. I expect communications will be forth coming on this issue in the early new year.”

Hiller challenged Health Canada to get as many vaccines as possible to them. After noting they don’t have enough.

“We can’t vaccinate people any faster than we can if we don’t have the vaccines to do it,” said Hiller. ““I’d challenge Health Canada, hey, deliver us vaccines as fast as you possibly can.”


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