Premier Doug Ford to announce new public health measures as Hamilton enters lockdown

Doug Ford

TORONTO — Premier Doug Ford is set to announce new public health measures this afternoon, as another region of Ontario heads into lockdown in a bid to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Media reports suggest he will send the entire province into lockdown, starting at 12:01 a.m. on Christmas Eve.

The 1 p.m. news conference comes on the first day of Hamilton’s lockdown.

The region is the fifth in the province to enter the “grey” zone of the colour-coded, tiered pandemic response plan.

It joins Toronto and Peel, where lockdowns were just renewed, and York and Windsor-Essex.

In lockdown zones, restaurants can offer only takeout and delivery service, and only essential retailers can remain open.


  1. Its sad that due to the incompetence of Southerners, we in the North will have to suffer for doing our part in keeping numbers low. Southern Ontario should be under lockdown effective now and there should be no travel between Southern and Northern Ontario except for medical transfers and truck drivers. Algoma has done an amazing job keeping Covid at bay so why should we need to go into lockdown. Northern Ontario should be its own “bubble”.

    • Well said; my sentiments exactly. I feel so sorry for our local and regional businesses effected, who overall have done a great job with following protocols. They need to look at the numbers specific to the Algoma District, rather than lumping us in with other Northern Ontario centers with far worse situations.

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