Price jump of 37.5 cents at the pump possible

A gasoline pump fills a car with premium fuel.

If the Liberal Government implements their new climate plan which was announced Friday, the price at the pump will go substantially.

The carbon tax will jump from $50 per tonne to $170 per tonne by the end of the decade.

Natural gas, gasoline, home heating oil and other goods will be affected.

Officials from both Ontario and Alberta were not happy with the announcement. Jason Nixon, Alberta’s environment minister said Ottawa was imposing its values on the province.

“On a federal level, the prime minister continues to impose this Ottawa-knows-best attitude on Alberta, at a time when Albertans can least afford it,” Nixon said. He noted Alberta is making progress on climate change.

In Ontario, Premier Doug Ford called the announcement a tax grab. In response, he said, “never, ever, ever been more disappointed in an announcement ever since I’ve been in politics.”

Federal Conservatives pointed to the fact the government seems to have lied. Saying that back in 2019 they said the Carbon Tax wouldn’t go up post-2022.

Then the Liberals said they wouldn’t do it post 2022 without consulting the province. Now they went ahead anyway and raised the tax. They didn’t answer if they had consulted with the provinces.

“There is no vaccine against a polluted planet,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau while announcing the plan. “It’s up to us to act, because there is a real cost to pollution.”

The plan includes $15-billion in spending on renewable energy projects, green vehicles, building retrofits and funding for Indigenous communities.

The government believes pricing pollution is the most effective way to reduce emissions. They also said again they plan to spend over $3 billion to plant 2 billion trees.

The Carbon Tax is currently in front of the Supreme Court of Canada as some provinces call it unconstitutional.

The government also pointed out the normal family home will get more back in the soon to be quarterly rebates than they would pay in the tax originally.

The end goal is to reduce Canada’s carbon output by 32 to 40 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030.


  1. WHy? So he can give away more Canadian tax revenue to other countries no strings attached?
    He has no solid or clear plan to use the tax revenue to actually reduce carbon.
    Trudeau is the worst thing to happen to Canada in a long time.

  2. Got to love Liberal logic… tax natural gas so you can’t heat your home affordably. Electricity rates aren’t getting any lower and it’s ridiculously expensive to heat that way.

    All they’re going to do is give people incentive to go back to burning wood.

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