Province strengthens its position as a global leader in post-secondary education

Ross Romano

In a move that will strengthen the province’s position as a global leader in the post-secondary sector, Minister Ross Romano announced a $50 million investment from the Ontario government that will help expand access to a globally competitive “Ontario Made” education.

Romano stated that “It’s the first of its kind in our province’s history – providing dedicated funding to support virtual learning at publicly-assisted colleges, universities, and Indigenous Institutes.” eCampusOntario is a centre of excellence in online and technology-enabled learning that is governed by Ontario’s publicly-assisted post-secondary institutions.

The Virtual Learning Strategy will emphasize the importance of accessible and sustainable growth in educational technology and virtual learning, and support Ontario’s efforts to grow our digital footprint by:

  • Positioning Ontario as a global leader and test bed for digital innovation in educational technology.
  • Establishing Ontario as a global leader in virtual learning by creating opportunities for international students who want to study from their home, while accessing Ontario’s world-class, digital content.
  • Encouraging lifelong learning by supporting virtual micro-credential programs to help people learn new skills at their own pace, when and where they need their education most.
  • Increasing the quality and availability of virtual learning efforts to build upon the work of the Ontario Government and the Special Implementation Team on Intellectual Property to advance Ontario’s Intellectual Property Action Plan.

“It became abundantly clear during that time that Ontario could once again demonstrate our world-renowned leadership in post-secondary education by developing our own “Ontario Made” virtual strategy with education that is flexible and responsive to the needs of the labour market” said Romano.

The Virtual Learning Strategy for post-secondary education is one of more than 30 projects in Ontario Onwards: Ontario’s COVID-19 Action Plan for a People-Focused Government that will change the way people and businesses interact with government.

In July, the Ontario government announced a made-in-Ontario Intellectual Property Action Plan to help ensure the tremendous social and economic benefits of taxpayer-funded research and innovation stays right here in the province.


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