PUC to Provide Relief to Customers

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SAULT STE. MARIE, ON – Recognizing the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on community members, the PUC has committed to keeping water rates lower than anticipated going into 2021.

On Monday, the Public Utilities Commission’s Board of Directors approved a minimal monthly increase of $1.03 for the average residential customer. This 2.5% change to water rates is much lower than the expected 6.5% that was initially forecasted in PUC’s 7-year financial plan, and rests just above the traditional rate of inflation.

This approved rate will allow PUC to continue to provide safe, reliable water services while taking on important capital work in 2021 with an investment of $7.7M.

“As a community utility, we are taking a balanced approach to ensure quality is maintained while recognizing the financial challenges some of our customers may be facing during the pandemic,” said Robert Brewer, President and CEO of PUC Services Inc. “It was important to us that we keep our rates as low as possible to offer relief to our customers during this challenging time.”

PUC residential customers experience lower-than-average annual water costs when compared to other Ontario municipalities.

“We approved the smallest increase possible that would allow the PUC to continue to offer the safe and reliable services that customers depend on, while keeping rates low during the ongoing pandemic,” stated Mark Howson, Chair of the Public Utilities Commission’s Board of Directors.”

For more information on PUC’s water rates, please visit www.ssmpuc.com