Santa Tracker – He’s in Canada!


With the help of NORAD we are going to be bringing you updates throughout the day of where Santa has been and where he is going.

Santa has already been to the International Space Station, Eastern Russia, Australia, China India. He stopped in South Africa, France, Spain.

He’s getting closer to home, add South America, London, England, Scotland and the Azores to his completed list.

Santa has made it to Canadian Forces Base Alert! It was a stop shortly after going over Greenland! He has an Escort from our CF-18’s while in Canadian Airspace.

Ok, so here is the deal… Santa has been spotted on the eastern Seaboard of the United States. Spotted over Boston, Jamaica and Washington D.C.. U.S.A.F. Fighters from various wings are giving him cover while he goes home to home.

With Santa over New York if we follow last years flight plan he filed with NORAD he will be here within the next hour.

With that, wishes you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.