Telemedicine Walk in Clinic

IDA Telemedicine Walk in Clinic

IDA Merrett’s & Group Health Centre Pharmacies Group offer the upmost level of customer
service and pharmaceutical care in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Our Merrett’s location has become a cornerstone of the community since 1954 and our Group Health Centre location since the first bricks were laid in 1963.

While the original owners are still active in the pharmacies, the next generation of pharmacists are taking the reins to provide the same level of service and personalized care the community has come to expect at Merrett’s IDA Pharmacy and the Group Health Centre IDA Pharmacy.

As independent pharmacies, we are able to tailor our services to the needs of our customers and patients. We look forward to offering you a modern and advanced means of receiving the care and treatment you require through a telemedicine Walk-In Clinic.

If a person cannot meet with their doctor in time or does not have access to a provider, our
pharmacy group can connect them through telemedicine to a care provider who can assess their health situation and provide immediate assistance. This option is ideal for minor ailments, prescription refills, and for patients who do not yet have a family care provider. If you are unwell and require the assistance of a doctor, we recommend this as an ideal option for care.

Accessing this service is easy. If you are a Group Health Centre patient, you may call them
directly or access their same-day clinic. If you do not have a regular provider you may access telemedicine by using your computer or phone by visiting our website at: Choose one of the two available platforms and click “get started.”

If you require assistance with this process, you can call our friendly pharmaceutical team or
come in to see us and we will do the connecting for you. Please connect with us if you have any questions by phoning us at either one of our locations including Merrett’s IDA Pharmacy at (705) 945-8796 or the Group Health Centre IDA Pharmacy at (705) 759-5578 and/or on Facebook.

We are pleased to continue to offer our patients the best course of action in regards to their health to improve their outcome by connecting them to a health care provider. Our pharmacists can help patients by extending a renewal of a prescription or recommending an over-the-counter product that may be able to treat the ailment. We can also advise if the patient should seek emergency treatment or an appropriate path for a healthy resolution.

In addition, our pharmacy group offers a premium blister packing service, compounding
services, a team of pharmacists who specialize in chronic disease management and an easy
online prescription refill option through our website, automated phone system, and diem health app.

Our success over the years is due to the patronage of our valued customers and we are honoured to continue serving the community by offering access to telemedicine walk-in clinic services.